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I am working on a web-site for the Back 40 Supper Club. They also have a dancehall and the owner wanted me to take some shots when there was a band playing. I lucked out! Troubleshooter were playing. I hadn’t heard them play in many years. As far as I remember, they did mainly Country back then. Saturday they played a lot more Rock’n Roll. I had fun dancing the night away!







My little Jakob has been counting the days since a week before Valentines day. Finally it’s time, to got to the Circus! Tickets to get in are fairly cheep, but once inside, be prepared!!! They hit you from every angle with cotton candy, snow cones and heaps of plastic crap that supposedly will last a very long time, according to the announcer. I guess two weeks can seem like a very long time to a four-year old. : )

Of course it’s all for the kids, they got the cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones. The kids did agree, although Jakob constantly waved his little hand when the vendors walked by, that we have enough toys at home.

The kids showed me where we could get a sneak peek at the elephants and then it was time to sit down.

Yes, I know – this post got lengthy with pictures. : ) But it’s so much fun!


My lens wasn’t wide enough to catch the elephants. The kids are much cuter anyways! Maria, Stine & Jakob.


The announcer lady.


A bunch of tigers and one lion. You probably can’t see it, but the lion is sticking his tongue out. Cute!


This was really cute. The dogs did some tricks before all jumping into the wagon.


Here is a bunch of shots of this Romanian girl being “shot” from a teeter-toter, up in the air and landing on the shoulder of another acrobat. It was really cool to watch. The kids thought it was wild.





Voila! That’s how it’s done boys and girls.


Maria enjoying a pony ride.


Jakob (black T-shirt) waving with joy. Stine smiling right behind him.


These gals are just a tad bit more flexible than me.


Elephants just amaze me!


The finale was amazing. First four, then five and finally seven guys on motorcycles AT THE SAME TIME! It was amazing to see the skill that they have. In that shot there is one driver going totally upside down while the others are going around the sides. It was crazy!!!


I kept looking out my kitchen window and couldn’t get the drifting snow out of my mind. The sun was setting and the wind was blowing the light new snow from last night around the large evergreens into the yard. It was a beautiful sight, like a river flowing smooth as silk. I had to get out there and get close. I put on some big overalls and plumped down into the snow, right on the edge of the blowing snow. The light was a beautiful gold and it was perfectly quiet except for the wind picking up and slowing down only to pick up again. Nature is so amazingly powerful. Even if I was sitting in a snowdrift by our yard taking shots of…just that, the snowdrift and our yard. As I looked through the viewfinder, all I could see was this vast landscape of snow. The camera I picked is the one that has been converted to infra-red, so I had to change them all into black and white.


This must be a large mountain formation!


So much power! The “shark-fin” was only about 3 inches tall.


This one takes me to monument valley.


Here’s my ocean with tall mountains on the other side.

Amazing how a little sunshine and snow can take you to far-away places.  Where does your mind take you?

I haven’t been feeling cha cha lately and so it’s been a while since my last post.

I picked up my girls at a book fair at the library the other day. They were so excited to show me the books they had picked out. I happened to see this box with a dinosaur on it and thought about my little guy at home right away. He would just love this set where you have to dig dinosaur bones out of a rock composite with a hammer. Boy was he jumping with joy when he saw it! I had to snap some shots of him excitedly working on this archaeological find.


It didn’t take him long to unwrap the box, get the protective glasses on and get down to business.


Every time he would find a bone he would laugh with excitement.


Check out the intense focus. : )


Lots of clean bones.


…with a little help from big sister…


Almost there…


Hmm…the head is missing…


Check it out! My dinosaur is finished. Watch out! : )

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