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Here are some of my shots from the production of Peer Gynt at the Commonweal Theatre Company. The people at that theatre are fun and very professional to work with. I shot five productions for them last year and was hired back again this year. Check out some of last years productions on my site. Go to “gallery” and click on “commercial”. 

Katrina & Luke had just seen each other for the first time on their wedding day. It was like time stood still. They were just in awe of each other and you could practically feel the love. It was one of my favorite moments and I feel honored to have been a part of it.

The girls had two friends over, it was finally a nice spring day, so we decided to head down the valley.

Here are some of the shots as I followed them around. Matthew came down and gave the kids rides on the fourwheeler.

The fabulous four as they are out for an adventure around the pond.

Hey, guys! I have a frog.

Here…I got another one. Look!

Hey girl!

They would not stand still for a moment. I should have been in front of them. Next time.

Shhh! Let’s sneak up on some frogs. I see one right over here.

Just a little more. I’m actually amazed they didn’t fall in. They got muddy, but that washes off. No worries.

Stine at a quiet moment.


The kids had so much fun getting rides. The visiting girls wanted more rides, more rides…Cute!

The wilder the better for this little girl.

Okay! Let’s see how many kids we can fit on here…

Cool girl-friends.

Buds are coming, birds are singing and the grass is growing. Spring is my favorite time of year. The smell of the dirt warming up is one I can remember from being a little kid. New buds on the trees are so beautiful. You can walk outside with flip flops and a light jacket. I can’t help but take deep breaths.

How is spring for you?

Grass and mudd…awesome!

Fresh buds on the trees. Beautiful!

Taking a closer look.

Closer yet.

Trees are stretching tall while doing their slow dance.

Contrast, shapes and lines are all working for me.

Eagles are soaring right above me. Amazing animals! You can barely hear the swish of their wings.

Did I say spring? HEY! It’s spring.

Just wanted to share one of my favorite shots of the kids. A couple of years ago I was getting ready for a shoot with some kids and wanted to get some ideas. The kids came along and sat in the door. Then it occurred to me that I had to get a shot of them as well. So I started talking about the abandoned house behind me. I said there was a monster living there. They looked up as I continued…the tickle monster. Somewhere in there I was able to capture them, just as they were, with band-aids (Jakob), tattoos (Maria) and missing teeth (Stine). I love it!

A couple of weeks ago Angel the Eagle was brought to our public library from the National Eagle Center in Wabasha MN. There were lots of kids there watching. I would have gotten a shot of them, but my lens was waaay to long. Here are a few shots of Angel.

Last fall I did a senior session for a wonderful and beautiful girl, Kristin. We did the session at her home and what a wonderful variety of shots we were able to pull off before the sun went down. Here are just a few samples.

What beautiful blue eyes!

The moviestar shot.

The classy athlete with just a hint of attitude.

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