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Here is Jennifer’s graduation announcement. I added some texture and thought it turned out fun.

I just got back from an amazing workshop with Kevin Keelan. Here are a couple of shots I really liked from my trip to Altamonte Springs, FL. I will post shots from the seminar when I get a chance to go through them. As always I took a lot of pictures and will try to find time to go through them soon. Feel free to coment.  : )

I sat and waited for my flight in La Crosse, WI, and noticed how the lines in the floor appealed to me.

My plane to Florida. Plus some glare from inside the lobby.

I traveled to Minneapolis to do senior shots for my niece, Jennifer. I haven’t done much up there and contacted Jim Fuglestad for some advice. Matt Blum happened to be doing a session for Jim’s birthday and I got to come along. Thanks guys!

Jennifer was running a little late and I decided to “steal” Matt’s locations for my niece’s shots as they were really cool. Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday. 


Well, I thought I would get the kids together and try to do a nice posed shot. Forget it! As usual they would not do that. I figured since I had my lights out anyways why not do something silly. As soon as I asked them to jump for me, they were all agreeable and ready to…well, jump. It turned out to be fun. Here are a few of the shots. I intentionally left a limb, or face out of the frame to see the effect. Very interesting I’m thinking! I like it a lot. Let me know what your think?

Jakob would not let go of his new ball. : )

Check it out…

Can you do this?

Here I come!

Ready Mamma?

Maria in action.

Happy jumps…

Cool jump…

Livin’ it up!

Too fast…Supergirl : )

X marks the spot…

Cheers for the lions!

The thinker?!

Okay! I guess we’re done.

Almost what Munch’s “scream” looks like : )

There’s my sweet Stine.

Here’s Stine doing what she loves to do. Supereader!


My model-girl!

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