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Hei alle gjester!

Nå gleder vi oss veldig til å se dere alle til en festelig helg på Melkevik! Det er pt meldt litt regn og ca. 15 grader, så det kan være lurt å ta med paraply og en tykk jakke eller sjal til å ha over skuldrene da festen jo er i parytelt, vi har også pledd. Vi krysser fingrene og kanskje så blir det fint vær likevel.

Veibeskrivelse fra Oslo til Halsnøy og Melkevik (ca 7timer):

Kjør E18 Til Drammen og ta av E 134 mot Haugesund. Følg E134 mot Notodden og over Haukelifjell.

NB!! (Det tar ca 4,5 timer fra Oslo til Røldal) Om dere ikke rekker dette er alternativet å kjøre via Hønefoss, Geilo og over Hardangervidda, ta kontakt for videre instruksjoner).
E 134: Mellom Jøsendal og Røldal, Hordaland
Stengte veger:Jøsendal – Røldal: Seljestadtunnelen og Røldalstunnelen er nattestengt på grunn av vegarbeid. Gjelder søndag til fredag fra 20:00 til 06:00 (neste dag). Trafikken ledes gjennom til følgende tider: Fra øst 22:45, 01:10 og 04:45. Fra vest 23:00, 00:55 og 05:00.

Ta av mot Odda i13, kjør deretter til venstre mot 550, deretter venstre i rundkjøringen mot 551 og inn i Folgefonntunellen (Det tar ca 1t 45 min fra Odda og helt frem til Melkevik).

Fortsett rett frem mot Rosendal og deretter til Husnes (ca 25 min fra Rosendal til Husnes). Sving til høyre første avkjøring mot Husnes, ta deretter til venstre i rundkjøringen, fortsett rett frem til neste rundkjøring og kjør ned i Halsnøy tunnelen (bomvei ? faktura i posten) mot Skjersholmene.

Kjør igjennom tunnelen og deretter andre til høyre mot Høylandsbygd i rundkjøringen.
Kjør til venstre mot Høylandsbygd og fortsett rett frem helt til du er på festen i Melkevik. Dette ligger på enden av en veldig smal vei.

Noen av dere må ta med sovepose og håndkle ? vi tar kontakt litt ut i uka for de det gjelder.

Lurer du på noe så er det bare å ringe oss på 97768691 / 40284687 eller hjem til Pappa Tore på 53477116.

Kjør forsiktig!


 Med vennlig hilsen

 Nikke og Tonje

Tonje went to the hairdresser to do a trial run for her hair. We had fun with Hanne, the hairdresser. Tonje will guaranteed look beautifuler. : )

We have had rain, rain and more rain. Please, someone make it stop – soon!!!
Today was actually a little warmer and we were hoping to see the sun…but then as soon as I took the kids down the road on the scooters, the rain came down, again.
This is just a rough idea of what it will look like.
…adding the veil. Magical!
The guys went out fishing and set out a crab trap. The next morning there were three crabs. They were cooked up and gone in not too long.
Tonje had not seen what the kids were wearing so we had to do a little dress rehearsal for her. They rocked around the living room and were very excited to be wearing all the fancy clothes.
When the boys started rolling around on the floor we decided it was time to take the party clothes off.
We got a little ways down the road to the waterfall. The big waterfall was actually empty when we got here so I guess we must have brought the rain.

Today I went with my sister to order flowers and cake for her wedding. Later I followed the kids around a little and even though it is waaaay too late to be blogging I just had to. : )

We have all been sitting up late talking about their wedding. It will be quite the deal. Guests are arriving on Friday, the wedding on Saturday and a brunch on Sunday before the guests leave. Around 100 guests will actually be here. For a Norwegian wedding, that’s quite a few.

My dad lives on a small island about two hours south of Bergen. There are about 2000 people living here so you can imagine it is quite a small place. Melkevik, the farm my dad lives on is at the most southern part of the island and the road actually stops here.

I will try to blog a little here and there. I know we will be fairly busy soon getting everything ready. As you can imagine there are lots of things to get ready.

The girls at their favorite toy store. There is a slide going into a pit with balls. This is the first time they didn’t jump in. They must be growing up!

They always run into this store and all I hear is: “Hey Mamma, come here, look at this…come here, look at this…”. They love to look at all the different stuff.

Checking out every isle and missing NOTHING!  : ) Great memories!

They have wonderful bakeries all over Norway. There is always something wonderful to eat. The breads can not be beat!!!

Granted these shrimp are frozen, they are still shrimp. Norwegian ones! They should be enjoyed on a piece of white bread with mayonese and a slice of lemon. Mmmmmm

Tindra, my sisters daughter. She is only eight months old. I will be her godmother. They will have her baptism after the wedding.

The groom, washing my dad’s house, on a ladder, with a broken foot. He dropped a gas tank (for the grill) on his foot and broke lots of bones. He had surgery and had to stay in the hospital for several days. Ouch!

The outhouse. My dad painted a little, added a red heart on the door and a sink with running water on the inside. We used this all the time when I was little. I usually use it at least a few times every time we’re home. There is of course indoor plumbing as well. Thank goodness!

My dad and Matthew making a platform for the tent that will be coming for the wedding. I would have added a few more shots, but accidentally deleted a bunch. They’re still on my memory card and I’ll have to add them later.

The boys on their scooters. They are only a month apart and have so much fun together.

Riding on Bestefar’s fourwheeler down to the dock. Actually he didn’t go down there so they ran instead.

Here they are. I barely got a shot of them, they were so fast.

A little crab. They caught a bunch. Hollered and screamed and had a blast.

My dad’s sailboat and dock.

My kids walking down by the ocean. Theodor in the back.

Som stuff I saw in the sand.

A bumble bee on a pretty purple flower. Can’t remember the name.

Stine very happy with herself and the flowers she just picked.

It was great to finally see my sister and her family again. I’ll be adding some more shots, but had to take one for her facebook profile. Here she is.


…for my sister`s wedding.

The kids and I flew to Iceland, then Oslo and finally Bergen. It was a long trip and we were so tired that we slept 12 hours last night. It sure is a small world!

On our first flight we sat next to two ladies that were going to tour Norway. One of the ladies was from Decorah, only 25 minutes south of Spring Grove. On our flight from Iceland to Oslo, we sat next to a guy from Rochester.

My dad`s farm is south of Bergen. A small island called Halsnøy. At the moment it is cool and raining. It really doesn’t matter, because we have been taking it piano all day.

June 28th, my sister will be married at a local church, with a reception following at the farm. My dad has been busy getting things ready and I expect the next two weeks will be full of work getting everything ready. Please cross your fingers for my sister, we need nice weather.

I will try to post some pictures while I’m here. For now, ha det godt!

Rachel and Christian, my niece and nephew, have a beautiful little boy – Christian. He is not quite one yet, but Rachel is planning his party. Rachel brought him over one morning and my kids helped get his attention. As everyone knows, kids that age have just figured out that there is so much more to this world than sitting around looking cute. We had a fun time.

As soon as I get the text to put on the back I will be sending it off to be printed on a watercolor card. I’ll add the back as soon as it is finished.

What a night! The flight started just fine. Leaving hot Florida behind and moving into much cooler air was expected. I hadn’t checked the weather and didn’t know we were flying into a thunderstorm. We got up to Minneapolis a little early, but because of the weather we circled the city what seemed like a million times. I JUST HATE IT when the pilot slows way down, then hits the throttle like we’re about to hit the ground early or something…not fun! Of course the kids squealed and laughed with joy, as I remember doing as a kid. After doing this a few times we finally landed and everyone sighed with relief. 

I visited with a lady that was heading to Rochester. She had been very nervous and wasn’t looking forward to her next flight. It was getting close to 10, I was tired, and wouldn’t you know it I went to see what gate I needed to be at for my next flight to Rochester. I was actually going to La Crosse, but that conversation got me all messed up and thinking only of Rochester.

Well, I found the gate, sat down, looked out the window and picked up my camera. The rain and the reflections were interesting to me. As I was snapping away I heard an announcement that my flight (not really) had been moved clear across (like, the opposite side!) the airport to another gate. Well, I picked up my stuff and slowly made my way over there. I took some shots along the way, got to the new gate, more shots. Then I noticed this lady, she looked tired. Hey! That was the same lady…wasn’t she going to…ROCHESTER?! Finally, a bell went off. I turned to see the sign by the entry to the plane. Sure enough, I was at the wrong gate. At this time it’s getting late, there’s hardly a soul around. I ran to get back. Met a Northwest guy that was just closing his terminal. Take the train he said. I asked him to please let them know I was coming. He said he would try. I just pictured myself sleeping there all night. I finally made it. It turned out that flight was also delayed and waiting for a couple of other people. Whew! Then we sat there…another delay because of the bad weather. All the workers had to get off the runway because of lightning. Great!

Finally we took off in a snazzy little plane. I swear they flew extra fast to catch up on time. Only to fly in circles, again, because of weather and traffic so we could finally land. Man oh man what a long trip! It did feel nice to get home and to bed that night.

This one is my favorite with the Captain

I so love my job!!! Earlier this week I went to do the production shots for the play “Harvey” at the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, MN. I got to see the play first. They all did an amazing job. Very light and funny. There are even a couple of romances. : ) If you have a chance, go and see the play. 

Here are some of my favorites when Sarah & Scott got dressed up. 

Walked by this Crane on my way to the studio. It did a slow dance while I snapped away. : )

Wildcat Landing, Brownsville MN – June 3rd
The day started out cold and rainy and I thought I would have to re-schedule my engagement session with Amy and Eric. The rain stopped, it was a bit breezy, but not cold. Amy and Eric were game and so we headed down to Wildcat landing in Brownsville, a place they often spend their time together. The nice thing about the cool weather was that it was practically empty. Here are some favorites. Enjoy!


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