Today I went with my sister to order flowers and cake for her wedding. Later I followed the kids around a little and even though it is waaaay too late to be blogging I just had to. : )

We have all been sitting up late talking about their wedding. It will be quite the deal. Guests are arriving on Friday, the wedding on Saturday and a brunch on Sunday before the guests leave. Around 100 guests will actually be here. For a Norwegian wedding, that’s quite a few.

My dad lives on a small island about two hours south of Bergen. There are about 2000 people living here so you can imagine it is quite a small place. Melkevik, the farm my dad lives on is at the most southern part of the island and the road actually stops here.

I will try to blog a little here and there. I know we will be fairly busy soon getting everything ready. As you can imagine there are lots of things to get ready.

The girls at their favorite toy store. There is a slide going into a pit with balls. This is the first time they didn’t jump in. They must be growing up!

They always run into this store and all I hear is: “Hey Mamma, come here, look at this…come here, look at this…”. They love to look at all the different stuff.

Checking out every isle and missing NOTHING!  : ) Great memories!

They have wonderful bakeries all over Norway. There is always something wonderful to eat. The breads can not be beat!!!

Granted these shrimp are frozen, they are still shrimp. Norwegian ones! They should be enjoyed on a piece of white bread with mayonese and a slice of lemon. Mmmmmm

Tindra, my sisters daughter. She is only eight months old. I will be her godmother. They will have her baptism after the wedding.

The groom, washing my dad’s house, on a ladder, with a broken foot. He dropped a gas tank (for the grill) on his foot and broke lots of bones. He had surgery and had to stay in the hospital for several days. Ouch!

The outhouse. My dad painted a little, added a red heart on the door and a sink with running water on the inside. We used this all the time when I was little. I usually use it at least a few times every time we’re home. There is of course indoor plumbing as well. Thank goodness!

My dad and Matthew making a platform for the tent that will be coming for the wedding. I would have added a few more shots, but accidentally deleted a bunch. They’re still on my memory card and I’ll have to add them later.

The boys on their scooters. They are only a month apart and have so much fun together.

Riding on Bestefar’s fourwheeler down to the dock. Actually he didn’t go down there so they ran instead.

Here they are. I barely got a shot of them, they were so fast.

A little crab. They caught a bunch. Hollered and screamed and had a blast.

My dad’s sailboat and dock.

My kids walking down by the ocean. Theodor in the back.

Som stuff I saw in the sand.

A bumble bee on a pretty purple flower. Can’t remember the name.

Stine very happy with herself and the flowers she just picked.