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How lucky am I! I got to meet a fun bunch of kids just a couple of days ago. There’s Pauly (14). He was so patient with his younger siblings. What a sweet guy! There’s wonderful Gabe (4) and the little cutie, Libby (2). Of course little Libby kept her brothers busy. She had no time to stand or sit still, but hey, that would almost be crazy to expect.  : ) As I have mentioned before, two-year-olds are always on the move, just the way it should be. I did manage to get a couple of brief moments of little Libby and her amazing family! Here are a few of my favorites.

What a fun shoot! First we did some traditional shots inside. Then we walked the back streets of Spring Grove and had some fun. Thanks for helping Jody!

What struck me the most about Zach was how happy his eyes looked. Easy going and agreed to everything I suggested. A great guy, inside and out! Here are some of my favorite shots.


This one was a work-out! Don’t shake your head Laura. It’s typical when you have little kids. Believe me! It happens all the time.  : )

You sure have a beautiful family! I had a fun time and most importantly, I think I got some nice shots. I’ll make a nice Christmas card for you. Here are some of my favorites.



Finally! I’ve had a chance to start looking at the images from this summer in Norway. The day before my sisters wedding they had a fun get-together at my Dad’s farm for everyone that would be at the wedding the next day, and a few others. I didn’t take too many shots, because I had too much fun visiting with relatives I hadn’t seen for a long time and with Tonje and Nikke’s friends.

They had an amazing seafood soup. rust has amazing chefs, I tell ya! It was out of this world. I can’t believe I don’t have any shots of it.

Nikke and Krille started playing the guitar and the party was on. Everyone were having such a good time and no one wanted to leave. Well, there was that big day coming up, so most people eventually turned in. Here are a few shots.

The relatives are rolling in. Literally! My cousin Frode and his family brought a camper.

The kids loved to play with cousin Frode. Amazing energy!

Stine in the camper.

Breaking out the bubbly. 

Tonje welcoming cousin Torgeir and wife Katrine with Champagne.

“Team rust” – Natalie and Freddan. Awesome work guys!

Some fun conversations.


…more good conversation

Tindra and Anita.

My dad had recently tore down to rebuild a stone wall. Perfect seating for this fun party. They lined up long tables along the long! stone wall. What a nice setting for a party.

The baby is sleeping. Party time!

Beautiful flowers that our Mom brought from Oslo.

Nikke (right) and his friend Krille singing the night away.

Everyone were having fun. Check out the mountains in the background. They reach well above the tree-line and they are always snow covered on the tops.

The girls and I have talked about this for a while. They always look through the different ads I tear out of magazines for ideas. After my sisters wedding I though it might be fun to do something crazy before we bring the dresses to the dry-cleaners.

I know I should be working on my sisters images from her wedding, but I couldn’t resist looking at the shots we did last night.

Aw…my little girls! Jikes! The sun was setting, I looked outside, and shouted to the kids that if they wanted to do our fashion shoot, now would be a good time…but to hurry up…it was getting late (almost 8pm)…and the sun was setting quickly. The girls were more than game and did we ever have fun. They loved putting on their flowergirl dresses, a little make-up, lipstick and loads of jewelry. Maria insisted on bringing my lime-green umbrella and Stine absolutely had to wear a hat. So they know what they like – Nothing wrong with that! We’ll have to do our next one earlier though. Too bad Jakob wanted to go frog-hunting instead. : ) I could have had our Christmas card in the box. Oh well! Here are a few…

My sister was surprised by her friends for her bachelorette party (one of them). She was told that one of her friends would come and pick us up to go and look at some flowers for her wedding. Well, we ended up by the ferry and there was her best friend who showed up a day early. Fun fun fun! They had organized a few hours at a pistolclub. We had a blast!!! After learning the basics we got to shoot and no one wanted to be done. Afterwards we went out to a steakhouse to eat. It was a great night! Here is a slideshow and below a few shots.

Anita – SURPRISE!!! No picking flowers today – IT’S PARTY TIME!

Tonje, Anita, Liv Iren & Wenche Synnøve getting ready for some fun at Stord Pistolklubb.

Our guns – don’t ask me specifics. We had guns and we had a blast…that’s all I know.

Per, our instructor, went very carefully through all the rules and routines.

I shot off my five rounds as quickly as I could to get a shot of these girls in action. 

Wenche Synnøve had some trouble with her gun and gave me a chance to get a shot.

That’s right girls, weight on one foot, arm on your hip and give me a sassy look.  : )

We couldn’t get down fast enough to check our lousy scores. : )

No comment. 

Finally it’s picking up. Four black and one white. Great!

Anita, five black ones. Wow!

Liv Iren didn’t have to show us any black stickers. She did good all the time.

Hey little sister. I think I see three black ones. Great!

Look over there.


Watch out! Coming back for more. It wasn’t easy, just look at how far away those little black targets are!

I BEAT MY SISTER!!! HA! I don’t have many chances to brag about winning in sports, so I’m bragging. Tonje is always better than me in any sport. EXCEPT this one! HA HA HA!!! Of course I didn’t stand a chance at winning against Liv Iren (Great score) or Wenche Synnøve, but I beat my sister. HA!

Afterwards a wonderful dinner. Lamb and red wine. Hmm. A nice evening out.

Congratulations Tonje!

Tait is one cute little boy! Like most one year olds he didn’t have much time to sit still. He only stopped for a moment, when the farmer next door came by with his tractor.  : ) Here are a few shots.

Amy and Tim have a wonderful connection to each other and their family. It was a fun Saturday and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. A little excitement when the ceremony was about to start…and no one came. It turned out that one of the groomsmen’s pants had split in the seams and a needle and thread was needed for him to be able to make it down the isle. Kathy, the organist, played a few extra songs and after a little wait the ceremony could begin. Here are a few shots from that day.

What a beautiful day for this outdoors wedding at Macal Golf Course! After the ceremony on the tea-off for hole one the bridal party took a great blue bus to Spring Grove because of a detour. After a quick water break they went on to Eitzen and the newly remodeled community center. Check out some of the images below. 

The first time I took pictures of her she was only a baby. I had the pleasure of photographing Anna again last week. At first she was a little shy, but after going outside and meeting the kittens we had a fun time! Check out this little girl in action. So sweet!

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