My sister was surprised by her friends for her bachelorette party (one of them). She was told that one of her friends would come and pick us up to go and look at some flowers for her wedding. Well, we ended up by the ferry and there was her best friend who showed up a day early. Fun fun fun! They had organized a few hours at a pistolclub. We had a blast!!! After learning the basics we got to shoot and no one wanted to be done. Afterwards we went out to a steakhouse to eat. It was a great night! Here is a slideshow and below a few shots.

Anita – SURPRISE!!! No picking flowers today – IT’S PARTY TIME!

Tonje, Anita, Liv Iren & Wenche Synnøve getting ready for some fun at Stord Pistolklubb.

Our guns – don’t ask me specifics. We had guns and we had a blast…that’s all I know.

Per, our instructor, went very carefully through all the rules and routines.

I shot off my five rounds as quickly as I could to get a shot of these girls in action. 

Wenche Synnøve had some trouble with her gun and gave me a chance to get a shot.

That’s right girls, weight on one foot, arm on your hip and give me a sassy look.  : )

We couldn’t get down fast enough to check our lousy scores. : )

No comment. 

Finally it’s picking up. Four black and one white. Great!

Anita, five black ones. Wow!

Liv Iren didn’t have to show us any black stickers. She did good all the time.

Hey little sister. I think I see three black ones. Great!

Look over there.


Watch out! Coming back for more. It wasn’t easy, just look at how far away those little black targets are!

I BEAT MY SISTER!!! HA! I don’t have many chances to brag about winning in sports, so I’m bragging. Tonje is always better than me in any sport. EXCEPT this one! HA HA HA!!! Of course I didn’t stand a chance at winning against Liv Iren (Great score) or Wenche Synnøve, but I beat my sister. HA!

Afterwards a wonderful dinner. Lamb and red wine. Hmm. A nice evening out.

Congratulations Tonje!