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During my last trip to Norway I went to Kongsberg to see a dear friend who is 96 years old. She lived on “my” street (Kragsgate) and used to baby-sit me when I was younger. She is an amazing artist and I always try to stop in on my trips home.

After our visit I decided to drive back to “my” street, as I always do. (I’ll post some of those shots later.) Then I drove past “my” church. Not that I really spent that much time there, but I was baptized there (as if I remember that), took confirmation classes there, sang there when I was in the youth choir, my best friend got married there and I’ve also sat through some amazing Christmas services there. If you have a chance, Christmas is by far an amazing time to go there!!! For those of you that don’t know this church, it can seat 2400(!) people and there is even more standing room. It is the biggest baroque church in Norway and has the most beautiful paintings. It is old and pretty much all the stairs squeak when you walk up or down. Here is some more history about “my” city.

Before I get too lost talking about the church, here’s my wild story. I stopped in the parking lot and took a couple, alright – probably ten, shots of the outside. There’s a whole floor I wasn’t even able to fit in my lens. Should have brought a point-and-shoot I guess. I absolutely need a wider lens!!! Hey, Christmas is right around the corner. It’s officially on my list.


Anyways, this is a beautiful church from, as you can see, 1761. I believe the first church was built in 1624(?), but unfortunately burnt to the ground. Okay, so hopped in my sister’s car and drove off. I figured the church was closed and didn’t even go check the doors. I happened to turn my head and saw two people entering the church. The car was parked and I was on my way over to the church with my camera around my neck. Besides borrowing my sister’s car, I had also borrowed her cellphone and it was rang. It was my mom. We chatted for a minute and then a guy peeked out from the door and yelled: “You better come now, because I’m locking the doors”, so I sprinted for the door. He pointed to the stairs and when I got to the top I realized what was going on. There were a bunch of other people with cameras around their necks, bags, lights and even tri-pods. I quickly explained that I was not part of this group and sorry for the misunderstanding. Before I could even think I had been invited along with Kongsberg Kameraklubb to take pictures inside the church. They had the church to themselves, and the best part, they were going up in the bell tower next.


I quickly took this shot before heading up, up, up. Note how the pulpit is up on the wall. I would always pay close attention to the door to see when the pastor would walk through for the sermon. I never did catch him coming or going through that door, he was too sneaky! I guess I’ll have to come back for a service just to make sure I see that. Right above the pulpit is an amazing organ that I have never heard played. It sat unused for about 100 years(?) before it was restored just a few years ago. I was too excited about going up to the bell tower to remember to get shots of it. Next time! : )


This is the window you see in my first picture that is right over the year on the church. 


This looked like a great background for a poster or something…


Note how the enormous hook has made a grove in the wooden door. Besides a wider lens I wish I had a person standing next to it, just for reference. HUGE, that’s all I can say.


I rounded the corner of the door and almost fell out. Not really, but on top of my excitement of even being there I got this amazing view. My day was absolutely a good one!


The other stairs were as I mentioned squeaky. This one was squeaky AND wiggly. You can tell by the wear that it has been used for quite a few years.


I also wish I had someone standing next to the bell. It was enormous! You can see the stairs behind for some kind of reference. I’m sure it pretty much fills the space of the green doors you see in the first shot.


Here’s the look up into the bell.


The monogram you see is for one of Norways Kings, Christian the 7th. The detail in the wreath and the crown is just amazing!


More details on the bottom. 


Finally on top of the stairs I got a top view of the bell. I made sure I tested the railing on the bottom right before I leaned on it. Which I didn’t. It was very wiggly. As you can see in my next shot you’ll get hurt if you fall off that landing.


That same wiggly railing was also what kept me safe from “flying” out of this door. I carefully leaned out a little. Again, check the first picture to see how big these doors are. 


Another view.


The very nice man (sorry, I didn’t catch his name) that opened up the church also said it was okay to go up into the clock room. 


Happened to catch this red house through a hole in the clock window. The dial is covering the bottom part of the house.


I  moved to the other side to see one yellow tree in between all the green ones.


A wider shot. The clock is so big you could easily stand in there. 


There were keys by each clock. Nat. = Night and Dag. = Day. No chance of loosing those keys! Not quite sure what function they have, but it obviously has something to do with morning and night.


The mechanical parts. You can faintly see someone in the back taking pictures. That’s how BIG this was. I guarantee you, it will NOT fit in a wrist watch!


On my way down this was my view out another one of those green doors. Wow!


I headed downstairs and almost to the bottom came across these old leather buckets. Yikes, I sure hope they have a back-up plan in case of fire. Seriously, these were very old buckets and each of them had a name beautifully painted on the front. 


Down on the main floor. The top box is reserved for royalty. 


A detail from above the pulpit. As far as I know most of the decoration is painted wood.


The ceiling is an amazing piece of art. The whole center has been painted with amazing detail and color. 


I wanted to get a shot of the whole ceiling but as I have mentioned I need a WIDER lens. I was almost laying on the floor for this shot.


Another shot of the pulpit.


These old leather chairs are beautiful. I’m sure they were there and in use when I was baptized. I bet they still use them today.


There are three chandeliers in the church. They are each put together of hand blown glass and when they are lit they add to the magic during Christmas service. During World War II they were disassembled and hidden in the mountains for safety.


Leaving. I could have stayed for a long time. 


This shot makes me think back to when as a young teen I would on one occasion stop outside in the cemetery with some of my friends. We would tell each other scary stories or ponder on ‘what if: a grave suddenly opened or a ghost came walking…’. We had already seen too many scary movies. : ) 


I wish I would have had that wide lens. Did I mention that? I guess a tilt-shift lens would have been good as well. Oh well, there’s always next Christmas. : )

This was a little bit of “my” church. I hope to come back and do more shots soon. 

Thank you sooooo much Povl and the other members of Kongsberg Kameraklubb that let me tag along. It was fun chatting with you!

A little while back I worked on a project where I had to produce a movie poster, featuring ME. Yikes! I really don’t like being in front of the camera, but hey, those where the rules. I fairly quickly pictured in my mind what I wanted on the poster.

One day after the kids came home from school I quickly put my dress on from my sisters wedding, my biker boots and at least two inches of make-up. My kids stared at me when I got out of the bathroom and started giggling at me. Don’t laugh I said, grab my tripod and get in the car.

We went down to the farm and I set up a few shots by an old car and a tractor. The whole time I had this old truck in mind and in the end it is what ended up working. The kids got busy chasing down the dog and so I lost my “photographers” right away. It is a little hard running back and forth to hit the timer and then compose yourself so I told the girls they had to take turns being my photographers. Stine just smiled and kept firing shot after shot. When it was Maria’s turn she got a small step stool, looked carefully through the viewfinder and made sure Mamma was ready. It was so cute. She’d actually tell me what looked good and what didn’t. Quite an eye there.

Well, after a ton of shots in not very much time I decided on this one. When I sat down to make it into a poster I remembered the highway picture and the airplane shots I had as well and it quickly became a collage. Let me know what you think.  ; )


Here is another poster. Again, I had the image in my mind. Shot the dice and Maria was again appointed photographer. She laughed as I made all these funny faces. It is amazingly hard to imagine what it looks like unless you’re behind the camera. I know that’s where I belong, but it is helpful knowing the feeling of how much good direction makes a difference. I think it turned out quite cool. Let me know what you think.


My sister, her daughter Tindra and I decided to walk down to the new Opera House in Oslo. It opened in April of this year and has been in the news quite a bit.

The moment I saw the building I was blown away. I have seen lots of images, but they are nothing compared to actually being there. Oslo Opera House is simply stunning! You better believe I got my camera out in a hurry. Those moments make it hard for me to focus on anything else other than framing up images through my camera. 

The building is an amazing piece of art. There is white marble everywhere you walk and the building has lots of glass which gives a bright wonderful light on the inside of the building. The cool thing is that you can actually walk up on top of the roof. When you get up there the side of the building is put together with these  “braille” looking tiles. On the bottom the marble goes right into the fjord. 

The inside was another sweet surprise. Contemporary design a classy giftshop and a simple restaurant with an amazing wine list. Even the bathrooms were something to see.

I could have walked around all day. I think my favorite part is the simple style that you see everywhere in and outside the building. There are strong clean lines EVERYWHERE. LOVE IT!

Here are some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!




Me in the brisk wind with a sleeping niece. Perfect timing!


My beautiful little sister.


I would love to go and see a performance. Imagine the view from inside when the sun goes down. 





A close up of the tiles on the buildings.


Not a posed shot. It just felt right.






Beautiful wall that greets you as you enter the Opera House.




Another “on-the-go” shots of my sister.








In between all the white and wood you will find a bright dash of red on the tables in the restaurant. Which also has a beautiful view of the fjord.


As the weather changed I found myself constantly drawn to this huge window facing west. 




For these last two I chose to use my “gold”.


It has been quite a while since my last post and I finally have time to update with some fall images from Oslo. I recently went to Oslo and visited my sister and her family as well as my mom and other friends. I had a wonderful time, as always, but ten days was not long enough. One Sunday we went to Frogner parken and the Vigeland park. The weather was cool, but no wind and the sun was low and beautiful. Here are a few shots from the park as well as a couple from outside my sister’s restaurant rust. I try to keep in mind that I have to process all the pictures I take and so I try not to go nuts. Well, it’s not that easy, and I have left a few shots untouched. Here are some I wanted to share.






Here you can see Monolitten and some of the statues around it. As you can see the statues are huge. The people look quite small next to them.



The monolith is built up of people, young and old, to form this “totem” pole. It is simply amazing!


Here is one of the most famous statues. Sinataggen – “the little Hot-Head”.



We walk a lot in Norway and on a different day my sister, her daughter and I walked to another side of Oslo and happened to go by the Norwegian stock exchange. It’s quite a bit smaller than the one on Wall Street.


While waiting for coffee at my sister and her husband’s restaurant I had to get my camera out. One of their walls have been sanded to give it a really cool look.


The leaves just glowed on the pavement with the fresh rain and low sun combination.


The outside seating at rust.



At rust they have torches lit at all times outside the restaurant. It looks especially nice on fall days that get dark quickly.


Always a cozy spot to find outside. Between the woolen seats, blankets and cozy heaters up above you can stretch the cold season quite a bit longer.

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