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I was looking through some shots from October and came across the ones below. I totally love being at airports. I doesn’t matter how many hours I have to wait – I LOVE IT! There are so many cool images – everywhere!

Had I waited just one more day I would most likely not have been able to go anywhere. The weather turned into a snow storm and all planes were grounded the following day.

Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


Loved the bright yellow marks on the glass sliding doors at the airport in Oslo. Fresh!


The silhouettes of people walking was super cool! The people walking on the top is actually a reflection and were behind me.


Looking down the loooong walkway. I like the lines.


Lots of fun lines crossing each other.


I totally loved how neatly these planes were lined up.


Norwegian fjords and mountains. My nose was “glued” to the window the whole time until we got to the coast. Just beautiful!


The coast of Iceland coming closer.


…more Iceland. Looks like a crater to me.


Going in for landing. Check out the loooong stretches of roads cutting up the landscape.


Back up…icy windows.


Iceland air have fresh fun colors! I have quite a few shots like this one. Just something about those colors.


This one has a sort of stormy underwater feel I think.


After what felt like a never-ending flight we finally reached Minneapolis. Amazing sun set! You can even see the reflection in some of the small lakes in the city.

Hopefully I’ll have images from another trip sometime soon.  : )

About a year and a half ago I did family pictures for Emme and her mom and dad. Back then Emme was a little shy and wasn’t all that interested in doing pictures. We did get some sweet ones though. I’ll have to dig them out and post them later.

Mom just called me and wanted me to do some shots of Emme kissing her tummy before Baby K arrives in about two weeks. When I entered their house Emme came over and greeted me like a friend. Soo sweet! Then I got to see her pretty pink sleeping bag and a tour of her beautiful pink room and as a special treat I got to see Baby K’s room.

While mom and I talked about where to shoot Emme came running with a purple ballerina outfit and wanted to dress up like a princess. “Perfect!” said mom. “She practically lives in this, so it would be right.”

Well, let me know what you think. I think these shots turned out super sweet. Enjoy!







I love how Emme’s working her magic.  : ) What a sweetheart!

Last spring my oldest daughter turned 9. One of the things she had on her wish list was a kitten and who in their right mind can ignore that??! Well, I guess it helps that I love cats. I explained to her that yes, she would get a kitten for her birthday, but not until we got back from our Norway trip later that summer…and that her brother and sister would get one as well. I figured her kitten would need someone to play with and it wouldn’t be fair to get just one.

The kids got to pick out their kittens later that summer and they get all the attention a cat needs…and then some.

I happened to come across some pictures of the kittens from last summer a few days or weeks after they arrived at our house. I can’t believe how little they were. I’ll have to take some pictures of them now for comparison.


Miss Ada, a lady! She is by far the most independent one of the bunch. Her colors are beautiful and her fur is silky soft. She will scratch the dog if he gets too close.


Max is the most jittery one. Probably because he got his back legs stuck underneath a vehicle that was leaving and we didn’t think he would make it. He pulled through and the only “scarres” we can see is that he sits a little funny. He hates dogs with a passion but loves to snuggle the kids.


B-Cat is like a big lion. His purring sounds like a big motor! The kids all agree that he needs to be in the basement at night, otherwise he keeps them awake with his purring and the fact that he likes to snuggle right by your face.  : ) He will even snuggle the dog! Nothing fazes him.

I will admit some days the cats are a pain in the ass. They will jump on the counter, eat your cereal, drink out of the toilet (if the lid is up), scratch my upholstered chairs, stink up the room their litterbox is in, if scared to death by the dog…miss the litterbox, tip over my plants…For the most part thought, they are so much fun to have around. I can see how much the kids love them as well. My son will pick up his kitten, B-Cat, and dance around the house. Ada gets dressed up in doll clothes. Max gets to ride in the doll stroller. Who can resist all that? Everyone should have a cat!  : )

I had the pleasure of photographing Chris last week. We started off up town in a back alley with all kinds of backgrounds to pick from. Chris was a trooper! It was colder than I though, but he bravely posed in just a tshirt. I realized later how cold it really was. Thanks Chris!

After shooting in town we went to my studio (ie. livingroom) and the first thing I did was to “throw” him in our bathtub. His mom laughed and took a few shots with her cell phone. I think they turned out really cool.

I have A LOT of favorites, too many to show here, but I picked out a “few”. Enjoy!
















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