About a year and a half ago I did family pictures for Emme and her mom and dad. Back then Emme was a little shy and wasn’t all that interested in doing pictures. We did get some sweet ones though. I’ll have to dig them out and post them later.

Mom just called me and wanted me to do some shots of Emme kissing her tummy before Baby K arrives in about two weeks. When I entered their house Emme came over and greeted me like a friend. Soo sweet! Then I got to see her pretty pink sleeping bag and a tour of her beautiful pink room and as a special treat I got to see Baby K’s room.

While mom and I talked about where to shoot Emme came running with a purple ballerina outfit and wanted to dress up like a princess. “Perfect!” said mom. “She practically lives in this, so it would be right.”

Well, let me know what you think. I think these shots turned out super sweet. Enjoy!







I love how Emme’s working her magic.  : ) What a sweetheart!