Before Christmas I got a call from Carolyn. Would I want to come and photograph her family? She had seen me in “action” at a wedding I shot back in 2007. I didn’t remember her by her voice, but when I met her in person I remembered right away. She made an impression back at the wedding and I was very excited to see her again.

Her family…I don’t know where to start…they are all wonderful! Carolyn’s sister, nephew and dad were there as well. My goodness how fun it was! Grandpa was such a joy to visit with and even helped me freshen up on the very few Spanish words I know. Dad took his shirt off, with my request, to hold baby Dylan. How cool was it to see that he had a bunch of tattoos! Thanks for being game! It made the images of him and Dylan that much more sweet, in my eyes.

Adrien was really the only “challenge” I had. He is two…and a boy…those of you that have kids know what that means…NO sitting still for more than a nanosecond! We made it fun and he sat a split second longer when I handed him Bronte’s Game Boy or the TV remote.

Here are some of my favorite shots! Enjoy!