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Easter is over and all the bunnies have gone home. Except for these two that were hiding in the barn with our pony. They were found when my husband cleaned out the barn, but Mamma bunny didn’t want them back, so they moved in with us. Do you think our kids were excited? Just a little!

Kamilla and Shadow, as they were named by our kids, were fed with a syringe for the first week or so. Now, they munch on grass and dandelions that are picked fresh daily.

The bunnies have grown a bit since these pictures were taken. I just couldn’t resist the bunny-in-the-shoe-shots…and then the kids came home from school and wanted to be in a couple of shots as well.


Here is a follow-up to an earlier post. THE SPRING GROVE TROUPE.

I could hardly wait for Tim…our UPS guy…to stop by…then I carefully, but quickly, unwrapped the box and made all kinds of silly sounds of excitement. The little books look even better than I had imagined!

What I was so giddy about was this: a 3×3…leather-bound…accordion book…with pictures of my kids.

You can choose from a variety of leather and fabric covers or I can create a custom photo cover. Read more about these amazing little books, cover options, paper options and one more size…at the bottom of page two…CLICK HERE

They really are a great gift for…well, anyone and everyone! Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers, Sisters, Godparents…like I said… EVERYONE! My copy is always in my purse. Ask me about it…I’ll show you.

Here are some photos of my book. Call me today, so you can get yours!

Back in February my daughters and two of their best friends…and a couple of monkeys…performed at a Talent Show here in Spring Grove. Well…their act was so sweet that they were invited to perform at the Caledonia Variety Show yesterday. Of course that was no problem at all. The kids were all excited for another performance. They are actually already thinking about what to do for next year. Love the enthusiasm!

The kids performed Swingin’ on a Star by Johnny Mercer & Jimmy Van Heusen. Accompanied by Sandy Hanson.
The Variety Show was great with wonderful local and not quite so local talents.
Here are some images from last night.

Here is a link to more images.

Some more cards…

Yes, I use a lot of the same templates…designed by me…but I don’t just drop in a picture and leave it at that. Every card will be modified to fit the image it goes with or totally reworked. Often times I just create new ideas.

Have I mentioned before that I totally LOVE doing this? In case you’re wondering…I TOTALLY LOVE THIS!

The first, square ones, are designed to be printed as 5×5’s on watercolor paper. The rest as photographic prints.

Just got this back yesterday…and…I LOVE IT! It does help A LOT that Kaley looks sassy, classy and FABULOUS!

It is a 16×20 Gallery Wrap with a metallic finish…and…I’ll say it just one more time…IT LOOKS REALLY AWESOME! : )

I have a passion for working images into art-pieces. Can’t get enough. I’ll add more work later.

Original image

A piece of art for Kaley’s wall

It even matches the colors in my house. Sweet! I might have to keep this one…

Here are some ideas that I have been working on for Lucas.

So many cool images to pick from makes for many ideas when it comes to cards.

It’s all about having fun with it!

Finally! Here are more of my favorite shots of the little girl that really should have been named Michelina…you know…she has some very similar features to that Michelin dude!  : ) Rolls in her rolls…oh yeah baby! She’s got them…everyone! An she is soooooo sweet…also for that reason…but mostly for the sweet smiles and curious looks.

Check it out!

So…I couldn’t stop with the Tomato Skyline…had to keep working as I was inspired to come up with something that had to do with this cat shot I did a few years ago. Cat’s are totally awesome!!! …I loved the shot I got of little Max…not so little anymore though…

The rustic shots of metal and other stuff was taken right down below our house. I can go for hours…picture hunting.

I hope you like my FIERCE GRANARY CAT…I do!  : )

…the St Paul skyline…and some storm-clouds…makes for a sweet picture!

While waiting for some files to upload…well, actually the upload finished…and I kept on working with a mixture of images. I’ve had the idea for a while, but finally found some time to work on it. I LOVE  how it turned out and might even consider this one for part of the house that has yet to get any artwork.

It should brighten up someone’s day. : )

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