I could hardly wait for Tim…our UPS guy…to stop by…then I carefully, but quickly, unwrapped the box and made all kinds of silly sounds of excitement. The little books look even better than I had imagined!

What I was so giddy about was this: a 3×3…leather-bound…accordion book…with pictures of my kids.

You can choose from a variety of leather and fabric covers or I can create a custom photo cover. Read more about these amazing little books, cover options, paper options and one more size…at the bottom of page two…CLICK HERE

They really are a great gift for…well, anyone and everyone! Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers, Sisters, Godparents…like I said… EVERYONE! My copy is always in my purse. Ask me about it…I’ll show you.

Here are some photos of my book. Call me today, so you can get yours!