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Every now and then people drop off some old images hoping I can do something to restore them. I can honestly say it is a joy to work on someone’s old family photo. There are memories of great times, styles, funny hair, cool toys and sooo much more. I know that “way back” a photo was so much more important that it seems today. Not that it isn’t important to photograph our families today…not even close! It’s still VERY important. What has changed is that most often people took the time to do it right. Now, it seems like no one cares if people look at them or how they are sitting or standing. A quick blurry snapshot seems sufficient for many people. Because of price, perhaps, a photograph wasn’t just something that was randomly done here and there “back when”. It may also be the one thing you have to remember your family by.

There are so many things added together that makes this an enjoyable, although TEDIOUS, job. Bring it on people! I will carefully restore your fun memories captured by someone…a long time ago.

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