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Last night I had the privilege of photographing a very classy crowd. The 10th annual Military Ball was held at the Fest Building in Spring Grove.

It was great to see so many people dressed so elegantly!

Delicious food from Good Times Catering in Caledonia.

The music was amazing! The Big Band, Cheers, from La Crosse WI was swinging!

Here are the bunch that did stop in for photos. Enjoy!

MilitaryBall MilitaryBall2 MilitaryBall3 MilitaryBall4 MilitaryBall5 MilitaryBall6 MilitaryBall7 MilitaryBall8 MilitaryBall9 MilitaryBall10 MilitaryBall11 MilitaryBall12 MilitaryBall13 MilitaryBall14 MilitaryBall15 MilitaryBall16 MilitaryBall17 MilitaryBall18 MilitaryBall19 MilitaryBall20 MilitaryBall21 MilitaryBall22 MilitaryBall23 MilitaryBall24 MilitaryBall25 MilitaryBall26 MilitaryBall27 MilitaryBall28 MilitaryBall29 MilitaryBall30  MilitaryBall32 MilitaryBall33 MilitaryBall34 MilitaryBall35 MilitaryBall36 MilitaryBall37 MilitaryBall38 MilitaryBall39 MilitaryBall40 MilitaryBall41 MilitaryBall42 MilitaryBall43 MilitaryBall44 MilitaryBall45 MilitaryBall46



Good Times Catering



Back in March I drove some great back-roads by Lanesboro (Minnesota) to photograph some of the beautiful pottery created by Joel Sampson of  COPPER CRANE POTTERY.

His studio has large windows that let all this wonderful light in. We even saw a deer, munching away on squash, right…and I mean RIGHT…outside his windows. Apparently it sleeps right up against the wall. What a fun sight!

Joel has some amazing work and I loved how he creatively added flowers to the vases to show the possibilities. Check out one of my favorites below; the sink with imprints of a child’s hands…how creative is that!!! Then there is the Jar Fountain (images 6, 7 & 8.) with the itty bitty flakes that look like gold. I had a hard time keeping my little Jakob away from that one when we saw it at a gallery. The request for “lift me up so I can see” went on and on and on…

The Japanese Lantern Fountain (last two images) was amazing to hear. Yes! HEAR. When Joel plugged in the simple fountain and the water was going it was the sound of RAIN. Just light and delightful.

Enjoy the images below and don’t forget to check out some more work on his website. The images below cover just some of his incredible work.

Susie has a fun and bubbly personality and perks up your day…just like that!

Not only does she have amazing energy…her baking is unbelievable! People all over loved her baking so much, she decided to create a small business. Read her story and check out her web-site at  Woodford Street Baking Company. She will be updating with new images soon.

Here are some images of her creations. All I can say is mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Dessert anyone???

Our second day of shooting was just as hot and sticky as the first. Eric with Vendi Advertising and Jenelle with ACE Communications Group did a great job in making each shoot go smooth. All the wonderful workers with ACE did a wonderful job!

I also had fun getting to do some detail shots of various large and small machines. Fun – fun – fun!

Last on our list were some shots with ABLE in La Crescent and Jane and the rest of the group were fun to work with!

Back in early September I was hired by Vendi Advertising to shoot some stock images for ACE Communications Group in Houston MN. It was a great pleasure to work with such professional people, both at Vendi and at ACE.

We drove around the area to capture people and places that ACE service as well as some of the employees at ACE. It was high energy and very warm, but we got our shots done and a lot of laughs along the way.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from day one. Enjoy!

Last week Jill came over, brought her promdresses, shoes, make-up and jewelry. Of course we didn’t use half of it, but we would have had we just had another few days. Ha, ha…we had fun! I even got her to try on my wedding dress. Like a glove…that’s how it fit. I can’t even zip it up any longer, but I’m working on that. I did realize that having someone helping with make-up, clothes, lunch (!) and all that stuff would enable me to take lots more shots. We took our time and had fun.

Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

















The last play of the year: A Christmas Carol. Once again I drove to Lanesboro to do a production shoot for the Commonweal Theatre. It is always a pleasure to see the actors do their work. They never fail to amaze me! 

My whole family were supposed to join me, but some last minute issues came up and I went alone. As I entered the theatre I ran into my husband’s cousin, her husband and their kids. For this production they had set up the stage to be in the center with seating all around.  We purposely sat on the stage side and had a terrific view. I am sure all the sides were just as great though. I noticed very quickly that the challenge with this shoot would be the overall darkness and absolutely no backdrops. I think it turned out very well.

The play also featured two very young actors who played their parts extremely well. Actually, I was told that there are five kids that take turns playing the two parts. What a joy to watch!

Enjoy some of the shots!


















This time it was a play I hadn’t seen before I shot, but I read a synopsis before and that was very helpful. The actors are so good at what they do and put a lot of effort into every scene. What a fun place! Here are some of the shots.

I so love my job!!! Earlier this week I went to do the production shots for the play “Harvey” at the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, MN. I got to see the play first. They all did an amazing job. Very light and funny. There are even a couple of romances. : ) If you have a chance, go and see the play. 

Here are some of my shots from the production of Peer Gynt at the Commonweal Theatre Company. The people at that theatre are fun and very professional to work with. I shot five productions for them last year and was hired back again this year. Check out some of last years productions on my site. Go to “gallery” and click on “commercial”. 

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