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I haven’t been feeling cha cha lately and so it’s been a while since my last post.

I picked up my girls at a book fair at the library the other day. They were so excited to show me the books they had picked out. I happened to see this box with a dinosaur on it and thought about my little guy at home right away. He would just love this set where you have to dig dinosaur bones out of a rock composite with a hammer. Boy was he jumping with joy when he saw it! I had to snap some shots of him excitedly working on this archaeological find.


It didn’t take him long to unwrap the box, get the protective glasses on and get down to business.


Every time he would find a bone he would laugh with excitement.


Check out the intense focus. : )


Lots of clean bones.


…with a little help from big sister…


Almost there…


Hmm…the head is missing…


Check it out! My dinosaur is finished. Watch out! : )

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