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Last night I had the privilege of photographing a very classy crowd. The 10th annual Military Ball was held at the Fest Building in Spring Grove.

It was great to see so many people dressed so elegantly!

Delicious food from Good Times Catering in Caledonia.

The music was amazing! The Big Band, Cheers, from La Crosse WI was swinging!

Here are the bunch that did stop in for photos. Enjoy!

MilitaryBall MilitaryBall2 MilitaryBall3 MilitaryBall4 MilitaryBall5 MilitaryBall6 MilitaryBall7 MilitaryBall8 MilitaryBall9 MilitaryBall10 MilitaryBall11 MilitaryBall12 MilitaryBall13 MilitaryBall14 MilitaryBall15 MilitaryBall16 MilitaryBall17 MilitaryBall18 MilitaryBall19 MilitaryBall20 MilitaryBall21 MilitaryBall22 MilitaryBall23 MilitaryBall24 MilitaryBall25 MilitaryBall26 MilitaryBall27 MilitaryBall28 MilitaryBall29 MilitaryBall30  MilitaryBall32 MilitaryBall33 MilitaryBall34 MilitaryBall35 MilitaryBall36 MilitaryBall37 MilitaryBall38 MilitaryBall39 MilitaryBall40 MilitaryBall41 MilitaryBall42 MilitaryBall43 MilitaryBall44 MilitaryBall45 MilitaryBall46



Good Times Catering



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