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A few weeks back I had this sweet family over for a family portrait. I do most of my portraits outside, but we decided to stay inside because of the little prince. How sweet was he! Of course it’s always quite the challenge with those little ones. The prince needed to eat and then after at least two more feedings was ready for a close-up. It was too funny! I guess he slept like a king after we were all done. Thanks for being so patient mom and dad!

Here are some of my favorite images! Enjoy!

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These small books are so awesome!

I have one with my own kids in my purse. The covers stick together with a magical magnetic force. LOVE the stylish brown leather cover. It is pretty awesome!

I made these two minibooks a while back, but I just wanted to show off how the clean design makes these so special. People that see these are ALWAYS impressed!

First up…Libby, Gabe & Pauly. Enjoy!

Next…sweet Fletcher. Enjoy!

Christmas was crazy…but fun…

Sooooo…here I am again…behind schedule with lots of posts to do. I will try my best to catch up.

It was early December and the weather was icy cold. I got to meet this handsome prince and his sweet parents that just came in from a long trip from California. Just a few months old, Fletcher had amazing skin and so alert. After a little milk break he totally melted into a milk-coma before perking up and ready to play.

Thanks for bringing me your sweet baby! I really enjoyed meeting all three of you.

Here are some of my favorites…and no!…I’m not known for being able to cut too many images…so here goes… Enjoy!

A milk-break does the body good!

A couple of weeks back I got to meet this sweet little princess. She had a tutu and everything! Mom and Dad also changed her into a cute little monkey. She pulled off both characters flawlessly!

We also went to the golf course that is just a quick golf-cart-ride from Grandma’s house.

Tyla turned one TODAY! Wishing her all the best for her wonderful birthday! Hurray!

Here are some of my favorite shots of that day! The first one being my all-time favorite!!! Enjoy!

Finally! Here are more of my favorite shots of the little girl that really should have been named Michelina…you know…she has some very similar features to that Michelin dude!  : ) Rolls in her rolls…oh yeah baby! She’s got them…everyone! An she is soooooo sweet…also for that reason…but mostly for the sweet smiles and curious looks.

Check it out!

Last week I got to lay on the floor, make funny faces and try not to get lost in the rolls in the rolls. The little princess is so sweet…with all her pudgyness.

About six months ago I took some shots of a mostly sleeping beauty, but this time she was awake and strutting her stuff. It is amazing to see the changes in that short time since I last saw her! She is totally figuring out that she has some say in moving her body around and what she likes and doesn’t. She is soooooo sweet!!!

Here are just a few shots I pulled out. I have yet to go through them all, but here are a few quick glimpses of the little beauty. Enjoy!

You go girl!
By far the funniest one…

Before Christmas I got a call from Carolyn. Would I want to come and photograph her family? She had seen me in “action” at a wedding I shot back in 2007. I didn’t remember her by her voice, but when I met her in person I remembered right away. She made an impression back at the wedding and I was very excited to see her again.

Her family…I don’t know where to start…they are all wonderful! Carolyn’s sister, nephew and dad were there as well. My goodness how fun it was! Grandpa was such a joy to visit with and even helped me freshen up on the very few Spanish words I know. Dad took his shirt off, with my request, to hold baby Dylan. How cool was it to see that he had a bunch of tattoos! Thanks for being game! It made the images of him and Dylan that much more sweet, in my eyes.

Adrien was really the only “challenge” I had. He is two…and a boy…those of you that have kids know what that means…NO sitting still for more than a nanosecond! We made it fun and he sat a split second longer when I handed him Bronte’s Game Boy or the TV remote.

Here are some of my favorite shots! Enjoy!

I’m trying to move forward, but have a little catching up to do from last year. Yeah, that sounds like a loooong time ago, but it’s only been about two weeks.

In 2007 I was so fortunate to be asked to document the wedding of Abbie and Zach. This fall they had a beautiful little princess, Nora. Congratulations, she is soooo sweet!

Right before Christmas Abbie’s mom called me to see if I could come over and take pictures of Nora and her eight month old cousin Dunkin. Of course! Whew! I have to admit, it was a little busy…but oh how fun. What a nice family. Grandma grabbed both great-grand kids in her arms and we did our best to make them all happy. Little Dunkin…well, that is kind of an understatement…he was such a big kid I had a hard time with the idea of him only being eight months old. I even asked if they thought he would be able to hold the baby. Needless to say…they just laughed at me. I guess it’s been a while since my babies were that little.

Here are some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!

What a wonderful couple…what a sweet baby! I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Tyler and his mom and dad earlier this month. Actually, Tyler was sleeping when I got there, but when he did wake up…awe…nothing but smiles! We had a fun time doing a few shots at their house. It was such a nice day and luckily both Kristi and Nick were up for a walk downtown. La Crosse (WI) has some beautiful old buildings and Nick told me about this cool park by the river. Thanks for being so much fun guys!

Here are some of my favorite images from the day. Enjoy!

Love the Klimt! A gift from Nick to Kristi. How sweet!

This is what Tyler looked like just minutes after he woke up. Amazing!

One of my sweet nieces, Rachel,  just had a baby, well actually it’s been about a month. He is soooo precious and has that wonderful baby smell. A while back they came over for lunch and I got a couple of snaps of the sleeping prince…and one of big brother playing on the floor. I should have taken lots more shots, but hey, sometimes you just gotta take it all in.

He is such a good baby, but I have hardly seen him with his eyes open. I guess it would help if I went to visit a little more often. Gotta find the time!

Enjoy these few shots of…baby Mario…as we jokingly call him.









Check out those itty bitty toes!

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