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We are having a very early spring. Yesterday, my husband and I went for a little walk and here is some of what we saw…

LOVE the colors out there!!! With all the sights…sounds…smells…by far my favorite time of year!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! I’ve been carrying around a nasty sinus infection for a few weeks now and it felt sooooooooo great to be outside feeling slight kisses from the sun on my face. Of course it is raining and “cold” again now…and…hold on to your underwear…snow is expected this weekend! YIKES! Oh well, I suppose we go through this every spring. Still…there is just something magical about all the wonderful transformations taking place in nature.

Jakob had invited the neighbor kids over to check out what they could find in the pond just below our house. Of course he could not go “unparented”, so I grabbed my camera and tagged along. It was so sweet to see how they cleaned out every inch along the edge of the water looking for anything that moved. Every now and then I would hear shrieks of joy…and “come and look what we caught”! So sweet!

Check out the itty-bitty frog I captured. I was taking photos of the kids and suddenly heard this loud frog sound. We can hear them from our house and I always imagined that they were quite large. No bigger than my thumb!!! When they make their croaking sound they blow up their chest like a balloon. It was really crazy to get so close to the “action”.

Here are some of the images I enjoyed “catching”!

Yes! Spring is here!


Buds are coming, birds are singing and the grass is growing. Spring is my favorite time of year. The smell of the dirt warming up is one I can remember from being a little kid. New buds on the trees are so beautiful. You can walk outside with flip flops and a light jacket. I can’t help but take deep breaths.

How is spring for you?

Grass and mudd…awesome!

Fresh buds on the trees. Beautiful!

Taking a closer look.

Closer yet.

Trees are stretching tall while doing their slow dance.

Contrast, shapes and lines are all working for me.

Eagles are soaring right above me. Amazing animals! You can barely hear the swish of their wings.

Did I say spring? HEY! It’s spring.

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