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A few weeks ago we went fishing with the kids (post coming) just down one of the local country roads. Down in Rooster Valley the kids were fishing and I was chasing butterflies. I have stopped putting them in jars with ether (Yes! I used to do that for fun) and now try to get as close as possible and capture them with my lens.

Here are some of the beatutiful butterflies and a couple of flowers. Enjoy!










…is what we wish for you this Holiday Season.

I put together a beautiful Christmas card for Kenny with her words. On the front is a shot of her daughter that just looked, well, heavenly. After putting the card together she also asked me to make an 8×10 of the same shot, but to make it different, just for Libby. Here are some of my ideas. 

The idea for the butterfly illustrations were taken from the actual designs on the bottom of Libby’s dress.

Here again, details from her dress.


Here is the Christmas card. A 7×5 folded, printet on watercolor paper. 

The front

The folded inside

The backside

Thanks for letting me photograph your beautiful family! My treat, for sure!  : )

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