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Last spring my oldest daughter turned 9. One of the things she had on her wish list was a kitten and who in their right mind can ignore that??! Well, I guess it helps that I love cats. I explained to her that yes, she would get a kitten for her birthday, but not until we got back from our Norway trip later that summer…and that her brother and sister would get one as well. I figured her kitten would need someone to play with and it wouldn’t be fair to get just one.

The kids got to pick out their kittens later that summer and they get all the attention a cat needs…and then some.

I happened to come across some pictures of the kittens from last summer a few days or weeks after they arrived at our house. I can’t believe how little they were. I’ll have to take some pictures of them now for comparison.


Miss Ada, a lady! She is by far the most independent one of the bunch. Her colors are beautiful and her fur is silky soft. She will scratch the dog if he gets too close.


Max is the most jittery one. Probably because he got his back legs stuck underneath a vehicle that was leaving and we didn’t think he would make it. He pulled through and the only “scarres” we can see is that he sits a little funny. He hates dogs with a passion but loves to snuggle the kids.


B-Cat is like a big lion. His purring sounds like a big motor! The kids all agree that he needs to be in the basement at night, otherwise he keeps them awake with his purring and the fact that he likes to snuggle right by your face.  : ) He will even snuggle the dog! Nothing fazes him.

I will admit some days the cats are a pain in the ass. They will jump on the counter, eat your cereal, drink out of the toilet (if the lid is up), scratch my upholstered chairs, stink up the room their litterbox is in, if scared to death by the dog…miss the litterbox, tip over my plants…For the most part thought, they are so much fun to have around. I can see how much the kids love them as well. My son will pick up his kitten, B-Cat, and dance around the house. Ada gets dressed up in doll clothes. Max gets to ride in the doll stroller. Who can resist all that? Everyone should have a cat!  : )

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