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These images are from Christmas. The next step took a while… so long that in fact… a Valentine’s Day card was created. Who cares!

The kids did such a good job. They posed so sweetly for me.

We also attempted to get a shot with their two dogs…maybe next year…ha ha ha…

So…a little late, but Happy Valentine’s Everyone!!!

Just a few days ago we had our first snowstorm this winter. We were all excited for a new chance to play in the snow. Besides all the fun things we are planning on doing in and on the snow…what an amazing sight!!! We went to Caledonia for their Winter Wonderland parade…I felt just like a little kid…the snow just kept on falling…with flakes almost as large as snowballs (well, not quite, but it sounded good)…we got our boots and snow gear out and just enjoyed!

Another really nice thing about having snow…it just get’s you in that Christmas spirit! I will be baking gingerbread cookies this week, maybe some lefse and krumkaker as well. Mmm…it feels like Christmas!

I have also been busy making Christmas cards…for my clients. Don’t expect any cards until after Christmas from our family.  : )

Here are some of the cards I have been working on this year. Enjoy!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coming up with ideas for cards…of any kind. Finally, I have gotten together a few of the ideas I had for some of my clients before Christmas.

I know it’s waaaay past Christmas…and the snow is even gone…but there are lots of reasons to send cards; birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries…just because you want to…

If you are even thinking about a card, let me know and I’ll come up with something fabulous for you. I don’t stop working until you are absolutely thrilled about your card.

After a 2008 card had been sent out by one of my clients I received this note from her: “You will have to get me some business cards, because EVERYONE is asking about our beautiful X-mas cards and who took the pictures and made the card. Even some of the Doctors are asking…at my job. I have been getting phone calls, emails, etc. saying “That is the most beautiful card they have ever seen”, “How will anyone ever top that?” & “Send it to a contest”, etc. Thank you – Thank you!!!”

What can I say…it really makes my day even better with comments like that!

Thanks to all my wonderful clients for making my work FUN, FUN, FUN!

This last one I did the design only. The picture is cute as a bug though! : )

I’m trying to move forward, but have a little catching up to do from last year. Yeah, that sounds like a loooong time ago, but it’s only been about two weeks.

In 2007 I was so fortunate to be asked to document the wedding of Abbie and Zach. This fall they had a beautiful little princess, Nora. Congratulations, she is soooo sweet!

Right before Christmas Abbie’s mom called me to see if I could come over and take pictures of Nora and her eight month old cousin Dunkin. Of course! Whew! I have to admit, it was a little busy…but oh how fun. What a nice family. Grandma grabbed both great-grand kids in her arms and we did our best to make them all happy. Little Dunkin…well, that is kind of an understatement…he was such a big kid I had a hard time with the idea of him only being eight months old. I even asked if they thought he would be able to hold the baby. Needless to say…they just laughed at me. I guess it’s been a while since my babies were that little.

Here are some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!

One of the things I just LOVE doing…is coming up with ideas for cards. Here are some of the ideas for this years Christmas card for one of my clients.


Right before Christmas I had the pleasure of meeting Marie and her family. Marie is originally from Sweden and came over to live in the US at about the same age as me. What’s more amazing, we both live in the same town!

When I got to Marie’s house, her kids and their families were there. What a fun bunch of people! Nine, plus one auntie.

Here are some of the images from that day. I have to start with the funniest one of them all. Sam was THE poser of the day. He had endless styles and was a great help while I adjusted for lighting.  : )


This one is just hilarious! 


What a beautiful family!


Sam with little sister Lilly.


Claudia Mattias and baby Noah!


Beaming Tilly!


Mamma Marie. 


A proud grandmother.


Amanda, Bryan, Sam and Lilly. Lilly was both a sweet and a tough cookie! Actually, she was eating cookies. She was done posing, so we did the best we could.


A, not so Christmasy, group shot.


Amanda & Bryan. The kids got a break.


After all the group shots I did individual portraits by the kitchen window, available lighting only. The light was really going fast, but I think I got some sweet shots of the whole family. Here’s Marie.






A sweet smile from Baby Noah.


Aunt Claudia











Finally! Before Christmas the kids got to bake some cookies and did they ever do a wonderful job! They had fun rolling and  stamping out the cookies. It was fun to see how focused they were on the whole cookie baking experience. We put lots of cookies in the oven that day. They got to sample some of the dough. Which, by the way, was delicious!!! Thanks Kristi for the wonderful recipe! I’ll add it after all the pictures. It is truly yummy!

A few days later we also decorated some cookies. That was just as fun. Icing, sprinkles…more sprinkles. I like to make colored icing and then sprinkle with the same color sprinkles. It makes them festive and fun. If you make the frosting fairly thick, you won’t even have to layer the cookies on waxed paper. 


There’s nothing like great memories of baking cookies for Christmas. I used to go to my grandmother Nelly’s house to bake. She would get out her big wooden block to bake on. I have one too and besides the great memories it is awesome for baking cookies!


Stine with her IKEA rolling pin from Mormor. My sister and I used to use small ones as well. Rolling out dough can be tricky…but what a fun feeling.


Looking like a pro.


She is a precision baker,  just like most things she does.


It sure looks like she’s been doing this for years.  : )


It took Jakob a little while to figure out how to make the most of your rolled out cookie dough. He kept wanting to put a couple of stamps right in the middle, so us girls had to teach him. He got better as we went along.


Baking cookies is serious business I guess.


It was fun to watch the kids enjoying the smells and let’s not forget the over-kneaded dough. There’s nothing like sticky dough when you’re five I guess.



Careful transport of cookies to the stone for baking. Check out the backwards cap. I love it! 


Mamma had to adjust some of the cookies. It just isn’t very economical to bake only ten cookies at a time.


STOP! No squishing the cookies!!!  I guess some of them had to be re-shaped.


Rollin’ away.


Maria does her very best. Gotta love how cute they look with their aprons on.


Of all of us, I think Maria ate the most dough. ; )


Jakob getting sick of rolling out dough. More fun to do the stamping. Mamma was busy documenting, so Maria helped out. Sweet sister!


They were too focused to smile.


Three amazing Christmas cookie bakers!


Let’s drizzle some flower. One more time, for the camera.


Alright! I think we’ll have to bake some more cookies before next year.




Kristi’s Frosted Butter Sugar Cookies   makes 5-6 dozen

Bake at 375ºF for 8-10 minutes.

1 C butter
1.5 C sugar
3 eggs
1tsp vanilla
3.5 C flour 
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs, one at a time. Mix all the dry ingredients. Add. Chill, roll, cut out and enjoy!

2+ C powdered sugar 
1tsp vanilla
.25-.5 C butter
1T milk

Mix 1 C powdered sugar, vanilla, butter and milk. Add powdered sugar until desired consistency.  Divide and add food coloring for fun. Don’t forget the sprinkles!

Have a wonderful 2009 everyone!

I had the pleasure of making quite a few Christmas Cards this season. Here are a few. Enjoy! Also, wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and everything good for the new year. God Jul og Godt Nytt År!


Laura called me to come out and get some pictures of her kids. I had fun chasing the kids around. Gavin was as willing as Gunnar was not. Gunnar wanted to drive the ATV around instead. Forget doing pictures, this kid is a machine buff.  : ) We had fun and got a variety of fun images.  For their 4×8 Christmas card I did a variety of styles and Laura immediately went for the retro look. Thanks for the fun day!



This little princess was her mother’s favorite for the 5×7 folded watercolor card. It turned out beautifully!  Kenny herself came up with the wording, which I think is soooo sweet!


Here is the inside that folds down. Aren’t the kids just yummy!


Artsy feet. Too cute. I especially love how Pauley’s shorts look so short and Gabe’s shorts look soooo oversized. Let’s not overlook the baby chubs on Libby’s arms. Sweet!



A 4×8 card from one of this years weddings. Natasha’s favorite shots are all included. Even the horses in the background. Great memories from an amazing day!


Here is another one of my options.


…and this one.



My sister-in-law called me up, as usual  : ). “Hey, Kathrine, would it be any trouble to make a card for us?” Of course not! I love making cards and took the cute shot she emailed, enhanced it and made three different ideas. Both her kids and ours agreed on this design. This card is a 5×5 and as always metallic. I LOVE metallic!



The first time I met Heather and Abe and their kids I did pictures for little Theron. He’s not so little anymore and this time I got to photograph the whole family. First we went up to a cabin and did some shots by appletrees and tall weeds. What a blast! Later I went to their hose to do a couple of headshots. Young kids are always challenging, because you have about two minutes to get what you need…then the’re DONE!  : ) Big brother Joey and Theron were awesome and I had a hard time putting my camera down. Thanks for playing with me! This is the front to their 5×7 folded watercolor card. The blue turned out just as bright and blue as I had imagined. The icy blue is Heather’s favorite color as well. Cool!


Here is the inside. I just love the wording Heather added. Gotta love those toes!


What a sweeeeet moment with the boys! I have to do something artsy with this shot later. It is just too cute!!!




This is our card this year. I wanted a little space to add a personal message to each and every one. Usually I add a letter with updates from the past year, but this year I just didn’t have, or take, the time. There’s always next year! I enjoy getting them, so I’ll do my best.


…and the backside.

Finally!!! Every year, the same thing…our Christmas card is always the last to get done, and always a last minute thing. Earlier this fall, before the school pictures, I was ready…but the kids were just not in the mood for pictures…and here we are, it’s almost Christmas.

Then, yesterday I lucked out! I spent about one minute on each of the girls and Jakob sat for about two minutes. Of course B-Cat had to be included, but anything to get the kid to sit still, right?!!! I got lucky. He even wore his pink party shirt. His cousin, Theodor, in Norway has one just like it. He’s not quite sure about the pink, but I keep telling him that with the BIG numbers on the back it is the coolest shirt. 

Here are some of the shots I got and I will post our Christmas card soon. I would have loved to do a group shot of the three, but it just wasn’t going to happen. These pictures will also be used as their school photos for trading. The generic Herff stuff doesn’t do anything for me. 


A sweet moment of my little “baby”. With best buddy, B-Cat.



B-Cat even got a kiss. How cute!




My precious Maria.


Yes! There was a cat involved here as well. Max. Somehow he didn’t get included in any of the shots.


Having new BIG teeth is always funny. And scratches in her face from the day before.


No cat. Miss Ada was outside.


Stine is absolutely growing into her BIG front teeth…and growing up waaaay too fast! I think she will be an actress or a singer some day. She is so talented!

I needed to take some shots for our annual Christmas card. Of course I left it until the very last minute, but we had some fun and got some fun shots.

img_5119-copy.jpg img_5121-copy.jpg img_5142-copy.jpg img_5165-copy.jpgimg_5210-copy.jpgimg_5215-copy.jpg


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