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A few weeks back I had this sweet family over for a family portrait. I do most of my portraits outside, but we decided to stay inside because of the little prince. How sweet was he! Of course it’s always quite the challenge with those little ones. The prince needed to eat and then after at least two more feedings was ready for a close-up. It was too funny! I guess he slept like a king after we were all done. Thanks for being so patient mom and dad!

Here are some of my favorite images! Enjoy!

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Beautiful, colorful and fun! Cloudy…then absolutely beautiful…then…during the ceremony…it must have rained hippopotamuses and elephants…it was crazy! It was a beautiful wedding and a lot of beautiful people. Congratulations guys!

I started my day at the grooms house…a slightly jittery groom getting ready…then all smiles! Jeremiah just beamed all day.

Brandi had a slightly untraditional dress…in the sense that it was kind of a champagne color. Was it ever beautiful! Next to the fall-orange bridesmaids dresses the colors were really awesome! Fun factor…had to be the flowers! Loved the bold, but simple statement with the sun flowers. Of course Brandi had a really beautiful bouquet of red roses with pearls.

One of the bridesmaids had gotten a hold of a clear umbrella because of the rain and was hoping we could get a shot of them kissing. Mmmmmm…Thank you! Love it when other people have thoughts about the couple and what might be a cute idea for a shot.

Here are some of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!

Last week I got to lay on the floor, make funny faces and try not to get lost in the rolls in the rolls. The little princess is so sweet…with all her pudgyness.

About six months ago I took some shots of a mostly sleeping beauty, but this time she was awake and strutting her stuff. It is amazing to see the changes in that short time since I last saw her! She is totally figuring out that she has some say in moving her body around and what she likes and doesn’t. She is soooooo sweet!!!

Here are just a few shots I pulled out. I have yet to go through them all, but here are a few quick glimpses of the little beauty. Enjoy!

You go girl!
By far the funniest one…

We met at the beautiful Hok-Si-La city park north of Lake City MN. Besides a couple of dog walkers, we had the park to ourselves. Wow! What a fun day! Got to meet this fun bunch in beautiful fall weather. The sprinkles were just to the south of us. Perfect!

Check out Chloe’s blue eyes…they are some of the bluest eyes I have ever seen!

We found a bunch of different backgrounds. I was overjoyed when they agreed to pose in front of the bathrooms. Goodness do I have great clients. The doors are about as blue as Chloe’s eyes.

Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Chloe just couldn’t resist…and neither could I. Perfect!


This past summer I had to take some shots in my Dad’s workshop in his barn. It used to house beef cows and I have many memories of sticky/sandpapery loooong tongues and calves that would “inhale” their milk. Well, it sure looks and smells much different now! For many years my Dad did the fine jewelry engraving and bigger things in the house. Yes! He can actually write your name INSIDE a ring…in CURSIVE! He is a very talented man with a preference for perfection. He likes to do the job right, the first time. Next time I visit I will make sure I photograph some of his work. Woodworking, clay modeling, plaster modeling, engraving…you name it. Here are some shots from his workshop. This type of photography is probably some of my favorite kind of work. Hopefully I can find a client that has a need for something like this. : )

Some examples of my Dad’s amazing talent.

One more

This is my Dad – Tore

What a beautiful day for a walk on the bluffs of rural south-east Minnesota! This fun family went everywhere I asked. The boys wanted to do more exploring than posing, but once we found the apple trees they were very happy. It was wild how all the trees seemed to have different kinds of apples. The bright red ones were my amazing. Here are some of my favorites. 

Here is Sarah & Adam’s little princess.



Here with mom.


With dad.


Isn’t she just adorable!

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