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Okay, so I just couldn’t not post my other two kids. They are equally awesome and beautiful…I think!

Earlier this summer I did a shoot for a wonderful couple, Becky and Josh. They had seen some work I had done for mutual friends of ours and decided to call me.

Not long ago they moved into this beautiful home on top of the bluffs.

We had a great time and they didn’t complain at all about the hot sticky weather. Thanks guys! Also thanks to my daughter, Maria, that came along to assist with lighting. You made this even funner girleo! She still talks about the delicious peach-tea that she got. I guess it was divine!

Here are some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!

It was one of those days…you know the sun is shining and you just can’t stand it any longer…sitting inside, that is. Back in early April I went for a walk below my house and took my camera along. I had initially planned on walking to the old farm and back, nothing major. Actually that was exactly what I did…but I was gone for about three hours. It was a blast! It was a little chilly, but the sun warmed just enough to not get cold. I shot the cat, no…not literally, some dried-up flowers, well…weeds probably, old farm machinery and an old house. I could go back today and get totally different images.

Here are a few of my shots from that day! It seems like ages ago. I have actually worn shorts since then…and the grass is green! Yikes! I’ll have to go on another walk.  : ) Enjoy!


B-Cat, one of my helpers.


Jordy had fun chasing B-Cat and trying to lean on me when I got down close to the ground to get a good shot.











Who knew thistles could look this lovely when they were dead?!


Last spring my oldest daughter turned 9. One of the things she had on her wish list was a kitten and who in their right mind can ignore that??! Well, I guess it helps that I love cats. I explained to her that yes, she would get a kitten for her birthday, but not until we got back from our Norway trip later that summer…and that her brother and sister would get one as well. I figured her kitten would need someone to play with and it wouldn’t be fair to get just one.

The kids got to pick out their kittens later that summer and they get all the attention a cat needs…and then some.

I happened to come across some pictures of the kittens from last summer a few days or weeks after they arrived at our house. I can’t believe how little they were. I’ll have to take some pictures of them now for comparison.


Miss Ada, a lady! She is by far the most independent one of the bunch. Her colors are beautiful and her fur is silky soft. She will scratch the dog if he gets too close.


Max is the most jittery one. Probably because he got his back legs stuck underneath a vehicle that was leaving and we didn’t think he would make it. He pulled through and the only “scarres” we can see is that he sits a little funny. He hates dogs with a passion but loves to snuggle the kids.


B-Cat is like a big lion. His purring sounds like a big motor! The kids all agree that he needs to be in the basement at night, otherwise he keeps them awake with his purring and the fact that he likes to snuggle right by your face.  : ) He will even snuggle the dog! Nothing fazes him.

I will admit some days the cats are a pain in the ass. They will jump on the counter, eat your cereal, drink out of the toilet (if the lid is up), scratch my upholstered chairs, stink up the room their litterbox is in, if scared to death by the dog…miss the litterbox, tip over my plants…For the most part thought, they are so much fun to have around. I can see how much the kids love them as well. My son will pick up his kitten, B-Cat, and dance around the house. Ada gets dressed up in doll clothes. Max gets to ride in the doll stroller. Who can resist all that? Everyone should have a cat!  : )

Two years ago I had the pleasure of doing Jana’s older sister Brittany’s senior pictures. Then last year I did their cousin Nikki’s pictures. I knew I was in for a few hours of fun. Sure enough. Jana started out with her gorgeous bright yellow prom dress. She had all kinds of outfits lined up. Curly hair, straight hair, big dog, little dog, one cat, the moon (!), four pairs of shoes, a pole vault pole (that sounded funny), um’teen t-shirts, countless medals, trophies and ribbons we were done…or so I thought. Just one more outfit, Jana said. I had to laugh. This girl loves to get dressed up. She loves to fix her hair and she is sweet…just like Brittany and her mom. No offense guys, I just haven’t spent as much time with you. : ) I could have stayed all night visiting, they are a bunch of fun people!

Here are some of my favorites from that day. I kid you not. The last few we took outside I couldn’t even see her face.

How lucky am I! I got to meet a fun bunch of kids just a couple of days ago. There’s Pauly (14). He was so patient with his younger siblings. What a sweet guy! There’s wonderful Gabe (4) and the little cutie, Libby (2). Of course little Libby kept her brothers busy. She had no time to stand or sit still, but hey, that would almost be crazy to expect.  : ) As I have mentioned before, two-year-olds are always on the move, just the way it should be. I did manage to get a couple of brief moments of little Libby and her amazing family! Here are a few of my favorites.

Tait is one cute little boy! Like most one year olds he didn’t have much time to sit still. He only stopped for a moment, when the farmer next door came by with his tractor.  : ) Here are a few shots.

My little Jakob has been counting the days since a week before Valentines day. Finally it’s time, to got to the Circus! Tickets to get in are fairly cheep, but once inside, be prepared!!! They hit you from every angle with cotton candy, snow cones and heaps of plastic crap that supposedly will last a very long time, according to the announcer. I guess two weeks can seem like a very long time to a four-year old. : )

Of course it’s all for the kids, they got the cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones. The kids did agree, although Jakob constantly waved his little hand when the vendors walked by, that we have enough toys at home.

The kids showed me where we could get a sneak peek at the elephants and then it was time to sit down.

Yes, I know – this post got lengthy with pictures. : ) But it’s so much fun!


My lens wasn’t wide enough to catch the elephants. The kids are much cuter anyways! Maria, Stine & Jakob.


The announcer lady.


A bunch of tigers and one lion. You probably can’t see it, but the lion is sticking his tongue out. Cute!


This was really cute. The dogs did some tricks before all jumping into the wagon.


Here is a bunch of shots of this Romanian girl being “shot” from a teeter-toter, up in the air and landing on the shoulder of another acrobat. It was really cool to watch. The kids thought it was wild.





Voila! That’s how it’s done boys and girls.


Maria enjoying a pony ride.


Jakob (black T-shirt) waving with joy. Stine smiling right behind him.


These gals are just a tad bit more flexible than me.


Elephants just amaze me!


The finale was amazing. First four, then five and finally seven guys on motorcycles AT THE SAME TIME! It was amazing to see the skill that they have. In that shot there is one driver going totally upside down while the others are going around the sides. It was crazy!!!


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