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Maria got word that Gap was having a Casting Call for kids. It didn’t take her long to find some jeans and create a cute outfit.

Every day  we have voted for her. Even little brother is excited about this and keeps asking how many votes she has.

I have explained to Maria that there are many many girls that are dreaming of this, like her. I do know she would make an excellent model though. She has always loved modeling for me. Her face is just beautiful!

Here is the photo she wanted to enter. Good Luck Baby!

Last weekend these sweet girls came out to my house and we did a bunch of fun shots. The weather was awesome…with a small exception of all the bugs that came out as we went down in the valley.

The girls had lots of different outfits and we had a great time. I think these turned out really cool!

Check out some of my favorites. Enjoy!

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