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It was a blustery cool afternoon when we headed to Decorah (IA) to finally get the annual family photos done. There are so many cool backgrounds in that town and it makes it really fun to shoot. The only thing that was a little hard, was the fact that the wind was so cool that it was hard to get comfortable. The kids were troupers and we still got lots of fun shots. Thanks guys!

Grandma & Grandpa joined in for some of the shots. What sweet people! I see where Mom gets her good looks!

After the Christmas card was finished, Mom decided she wanted to do something different this year. Love the idea of a photo of the kids on an actual stamp!! GO MOM! Check out the very first image. Cool idea!

I have so many favorites…and here are some of them. Enjoy!

Last week we went around Caledonia getting some fun pictures of this family. I ALWAYS know I will have a good time…as I did again this time. Kenny knew of an old barn, so even if we were in town, we got some of that beautiful limestone as a background. Thanks Kenny!

Little Libby is just a ham! This time she did a little dance and some really cool modeling moves. I had a hard time getting pictures…I was laughing so hard. Then there is Gabe…what a card! Being goofy, jumping through my shots of Libby. Pauly was a great sport and did an awesome job.

Here are some of my favorites! Enjoy!

Right before Christmas I had the pleasure of meeting Marie and her family. Marie is originally from Sweden and came over to live in the US at about the same age as me. What’s more amazing, we both live in the same town!

When I got to Marie’s house, her kids and their families were there. What a fun bunch of people! Nine, plus one auntie.

Here are some of the images from that day. I have to start with the funniest one of them all. Sam was THE poser of the day. He had endless styles and was a great help while I adjusted for lighting.  : )


This one is just hilarious! 


What a beautiful family!


Sam with little sister Lilly.


Claudia Mattias and baby Noah!


Beaming Tilly!


Mamma Marie. 


A proud grandmother.


Amanda, Bryan, Sam and Lilly. Lilly was both a sweet and a tough cookie! Actually, she was eating cookies. She was done posing, so we did the best we could.


A, not so Christmasy, group shot.


Amanda & Bryan. The kids got a break.


After all the group shots I did individual portraits by the kitchen window, available lighting only. The light was really going fast, but I think I got some sweet shots of the whole family. Here’s Marie.






A sweet smile from Baby Noah.


Aunt Claudia











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