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Some more cards…

Yes, I use a lot of the same templates…designed by me…but I don’t just drop in a picture and leave it at that. Every card will be modified to fit the image it goes with or totally reworked. Often times I just create new ideas.

Have I mentioned before that I totally LOVE doing this? In case you’re wondering…I TOTALLY LOVE THIS!

The first, square ones, are designed to be printed as 5×5’s on watercolor paper. The rest as photographic prints.

Just got this back yesterday…and…I LOVE IT! It does help A LOT that Kaley looks sassy, classy and FABULOUS!

It is a 16×20 Gallery Wrap with a metallic finish…and…I’ll say it just one more time…IT LOOKS REALLY AWESOME! : )

I have a passion for working images into art-pieces. Can’t get enough. I’ll add more work later.

Original image

A piece of art for Kaley’s wall

It even matches the colors in my house. Sweet! I might have to keep this one…

Here are some ideas that I have been working on for Lucas.

So many cool images to pick from makes for many ideas when it comes to cards.

It’s all about having fun with it!

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