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What beautiful girls!!! Thanks for inviting me to your home to photograph the little girls. What a treat!

Lauren posed away for me, while Kennedy just wanted to scoot on her butt. Thanks to mom and dad we were able to get the littlest princess to sit still a few times. Go teamwork!

Love the shots in the bedroom where big sister is reading to a, for a little moment, very interested little sister. Such sweet girls!

Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Susie has a fun and bubbly personality and perks up your day…just like that!

Not only does she have amazing energy…her baking is unbelievable! People all over loved her baking so much, she decided to create a small business. Read her story and check out her web-site at  Woodford Street Baking Company. She will be updating with new images soon.

Here are some images of her creations. All I can say is mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Dessert anyone???

Not me…ha ha…I’m waaay too wimpy for that! Thursday was MEA and our kids didn’t have school. The weather was beautiful…low 50’s but sunny…and we wanted to spend one day on the river before putting the boat away for the winter. Something most people have already done, so we pretty much had the river to ourselves.

It also happened to be Nicholas’ birthday (nephew). His mom wanted to treat everyone with lunch right below their house, at Wildcat landing in Brownsville. My friend Heather and her three kids came along…pretty soon we were quite the crew. Nicholas’ dad, David, sister Jamie and her son Noah also joined in the fun. Nicholas’ sister-in-law, Rachel and her to boys; Christian and Roland came as well.

This family I married into are known for doing all kinds of wild things. Well, Thursday they decided that waterskiing would be fun. They are some brave souls. Nicholas went first. He would probably have gone a long ways, but realized he had forgotten a life jacket and turned around after a sweet but short trip. Sister Jamie is no wuss…and in jeans and a t-shirt!!!…jumped in the water. Not being outdone by these young kids, my husband had to have a run as well. These guys are a little crazy…which I guess makes some fun entertainment for the rest of us.

After our little skiing adventures, people had to get back to work. Some of us stayed on the river and toured up to La Crosse, WI. We docked at Riverside, right down town. First stop is ALWAYS to see Karen at Generous Earth Pottery. My husband took the kids up there earlier this summer and Karen was so sweet with the kids. They love stopping in to say Hi. She makes the most beautiful pottery with all kinds of colors. My favorites are the buttery yellow and ice green colors. I always hold my breath just a little when we’re in there. Karen has amazing pottery everywhere and I don’t want to have to buy broken stuff. We have to go by car some time soon, so we can do some shopping. A must see when you stop in La Crosse, it’s on Pearl Street.

Next stop is Pearl Ice Cream Parlor which is a really old ice cream parlor with the original interior, for the most part. They have lots of sizes for cones and more flavors than I can even remember.

What a beautiful ride!!! Here are some shots from the days events. Enjoy!

Noah, Mariah E, Jakob, Maria M, Dane, Grace, Stine, Heather, Nicholas & Matthew

The whole gang…

Don’t mess with this fierce football team!

Nicholas celebrating his birthday…on the river…literally!

The red building in the back is where Jamie and Nicholas grew up. Talk about a great location!

Jamie stepped it up a notch…wet suit…what for?

Great job Jamie!

Crazy man himself…Matthew.

Up one more notch…starting IN the river… Brrrrrrr!


I wasn’t ready and missed it, but right after this shot Matthew went to the edge of the boat and did a backflip into the river. Wild!

What?! No one at the beach?!

Beautiful Karen!

Until next time…

What a wonderful couple…what a sweet baby! I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Tyler and his mom and dad earlier this month. Actually, Tyler was sleeping when I got there, but when he did wake up…awe…nothing but smiles! We had a fun time doing a few shots at their house. It was such a nice day and luckily both Kristi and Nick were up for a walk downtown. La Crosse (WI) has some beautiful old buildings and Nick told me about this cool park by the river. Thanks for being so much fun guys!

Here are some of my favorite images from the day. Enjoy!

Love the Klimt! A gift from Nick to Kristi. How sweet!

This is what Tyler looked like just minutes after he woke up. Amazing!

What a night! The flight started just fine. Leaving hot Florida behind and moving into much cooler air was expected. I hadn’t checked the weather and didn’t know we were flying into a thunderstorm. We got up to Minneapolis a little early, but because of the weather we circled the city what seemed like a million times. I JUST HATE IT when the pilot slows way down, then hits the throttle like we’re about to hit the ground early or something…not fun! Of course the kids squealed and laughed with joy, as I remember doing as a kid. After doing this a few times we finally landed and everyone sighed with relief. 

I visited with a lady that was heading to Rochester. She had been very nervous and wasn’t looking forward to her next flight. It was getting close to 10, I was tired, and wouldn’t you know it I went to see what gate I needed to be at for my next flight to Rochester. I was actually going to La Crosse, but that conversation got me all messed up and thinking only of Rochester.

Well, I found the gate, sat down, looked out the window and picked up my camera. The rain and the reflections were interesting to me. As I was snapping away I heard an announcement that my flight (not really) had been moved clear across (like, the opposite side!) the airport to another gate. Well, I picked up my stuff and slowly made my way over there. I took some shots along the way, got to the new gate, more shots. Then I noticed this lady, she looked tired. Hey! That was the same lady…wasn’t she going to…ROCHESTER?! Finally, a bell went off. I turned to see the sign by the entry to the plane. Sure enough, I was at the wrong gate. At this time it’s getting late, there’s hardly a soul around. I ran to get back. Met a Northwest guy that was just closing his terminal. Take the train he said. I asked him to please let them know I was coming. He said he would try. I just pictured myself sleeping there all night. I finally made it. It turned out that flight was also delayed and waiting for a couple of other people. Whew! Then we sat there…another delay because of the bad weather. All the workers had to get off the runway because of lightning. Great!

Finally we took off in a snazzy little plane. I swear they flew extra fast to catch up on time. Only to fly in circles, again, because of weather and traffic so we could finally land. Man oh man what a long trip! It did feel nice to get home and to bed that night.

This one is my favorite with the Captain

I just got back from an amazing workshop with Kevin Keelan. Here are a couple of shots I really liked from my trip to Altamonte Springs, FL. I will post shots from the seminar when I get a chance to go through them. As always I took a lot of pictures and will try to find time to go through them soon. Feel free to coment.  : )

I sat and waited for my flight in La Crosse, WI, and noticed how the lines in the floor appealed to me.

My plane to Florida. Plus some glare from inside the lobby.

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