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I had a conversation about the river and specifically the bridge in Lansing (IA) last week. While looking through some commercial images I happened to come across this one. I stopped right before the bridge, rolled down my window and leaned waaay out the window. I just love the lines and the contrast. I might just have to go back and make a project of it…let’s see how many angles I can find  : )



I just got back from an amazing workshop with Kevin Keelan. Here are a couple of shots I really liked from my trip to Altamonte Springs, FL. I will post shots from the seminar when I get a chance to go through them. As always I took a lot of pictures and will try to find time to go through them soon. Feel free to coment.  : )

I sat and waited for my flight in La Crosse, WI, and noticed how the lines in the floor appealed to me.

My plane to Florida. Plus some glare from inside the lobby.

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