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Still at the classy and elegant Grand Hotel Minneapolis in downtown Minneapolis to do some Boudoir shots. Thanks to Chris Meyer for organizing the shoot. Other photographers were: Tamrah Ryan, Sara Weitzel, Tom Ward and Nick & Hillary.

A fun way to document how great you looked when you were young!

Here are some of my favorite shots of Lindsay. Enjoy!










Last week I went to the classy and elegant Grand Hotel Minneapolis in downtown Minneapolis to do some Boudoir shots. Thanks to Chris Meyer for organizing the shoot. Other photographers were: Tamrah Ryan, Sara Weitzel, Tom Ward and Nick & Hillary.

Images like these are great for a very special gift to that certain someone or even fun to have for yourself.

Here are some of my favorite shots of Aly. Enjoy!















I was looking through some shots from October and came across the ones below. I totally love being at airports. I doesn’t matter how many hours I have to wait – I LOVE IT! There are so many cool images – everywhere!

Had I waited just one more day I would most likely not have been able to go anywhere. The weather turned into a snow storm and all planes were grounded the following day.

Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


Loved the bright yellow marks on the glass sliding doors at the airport in Oslo. Fresh!


The silhouettes of people walking was super cool! The people walking on the top is actually a reflection and were behind me.


Looking down the loooong walkway. I like the lines.


Lots of fun lines crossing each other.


I totally loved how neatly these planes were lined up.


Norwegian fjords and mountains. My nose was “glued” to the window the whole time until we got to the coast. Just beautiful!


The coast of Iceland coming closer.


…more Iceland. Looks like a crater to me.


Going in for landing. Check out the loooong stretches of roads cutting up the landscape.


Back up…icy windows.


Iceland air have fresh fun colors! I have quite a few shots like this one. Just something about those colors.


This one has a sort of stormy underwater feel I think.


After what felt like a never-ending flight we finally reached Minneapolis. Amazing sun set! You can even see the reflection in some of the small lakes in the city.

Hopefully I’ll have images from another trip sometime soon.  : )

What a night! The flight started just fine. Leaving hot Florida behind and moving into much cooler air was expected. I hadn’t checked the weather and didn’t know we were flying into a thunderstorm. We got up to Minneapolis a little early, but because of the weather we circled the city what seemed like a million times. I JUST HATE IT when the pilot slows way down, then hits the throttle like we’re about to hit the ground early or something…not fun! Of course the kids squealed and laughed with joy, as I remember doing as a kid. After doing this a few times we finally landed and everyone sighed with relief. 

I visited with a lady that was heading to Rochester. She had been very nervous and wasn’t looking forward to her next flight. It was getting close to 10, I was tired, and wouldn’t you know it I went to see what gate I needed to be at for my next flight to Rochester. I was actually going to La Crosse, but that conversation got me all messed up and thinking only of Rochester.

Well, I found the gate, sat down, looked out the window and picked up my camera. The rain and the reflections were interesting to me. As I was snapping away I heard an announcement that my flight (not really) had been moved clear across (like, the opposite side!) the airport to another gate. Well, I picked up my stuff and slowly made my way over there. I took some shots along the way, got to the new gate, more shots. Then I noticed this lady, she looked tired. Hey! That was the same lady…wasn’t she going to…ROCHESTER?! Finally, a bell went off. I turned to see the sign by the entry to the plane. Sure enough, I was at the wrong gate. At this time it’s getting late, there’s hardly a soul around. I ran to get back. Met a Northwest guy that was just closing his terminal. Take the train he said. I asked him to please let them know I was coming. He said he would try. I just pictured myself sleeping there all night. I finally made it. It turned out that flight was also delayed and waiting for a couple of other people. Whew! Then we sat there…another delay because of the bad weather. All the workers had to get off the runway because of lightning. Great!

Finally we took off in a snazzy little plane. I swear they flew extra fast to catch up on time. Only to fly in circles, again, because of weather and traffic so we could finally land. Man oh man what a long trip! It did feel nice to get home and to bed that night.

This one is my favorite with the Captain

I traveled to Minneapolis to do senior shots for my niece, Jennifer. I haven’t done much up there and contacted Jim Fuglestad for some advice. Matt Blum happened to be doing a session for Jim’s birthday and I got to come along. Thanks guys!

Jennifer was running a little late and I decided to “steal” Matt’s locations for my niece’s shots as they were really cool. Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday. 


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