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It was practically the very last day of our beautiful fall weather. The sun was soft and going down, fast.

These four handsome boys were really really great! The three oldest modeled for me while also trying to help me get the youngest one to be a part of it all. All he wanted to do was run and play.

I caught a glimpse of Kolton peeking at his brothers one time, closing his eyes and giving me the biggest cheeser ever. It was hilarious!

We quickly ran out of sunshine, but still got a last few sweet shots with some background lighting around the boys.

Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Last week I got to lay on the floor, make funny faces and try not to get lost in the rolls in the rolls. The little princess is so sweet…with all her pudgyness.

About six months ago I took some shots of a mostly sleeping beauty, but this time she was awake and strutting her stuff. It is amazing to see the changes in that short time since I last saw her! She is totally figuring out that she has some say in moving her body around and what she likes and doesn’t. She is soooooo sweet!!!

Here are just a few shots I pulled out. I have yet to go through them all, but here are a few quick glimpses of the little beauty. Enjoy!

You go girl!
By far the funniest one…

A little while back I went back to photograph Joey and Theron’s baby sister. She is so sweet…rolls and all! What a fun bunch they are! The boys were very excited to get their picture taken, but Theron thought one was good…DONE! Not so fast Mister! I did some more of the princess and worked my way back to him. Joey…well, what a card! He made all the funny faces in the book…and then some. In the end we got some sweet stuff. Thanks guys!

Here are some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!

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