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It was practically the very last day of our beautiful fall weather. The sun was soft and going down, fast.

These four handsome boys were really really great! The three oldest modeled for me while also trying to help me get the youngest one to be a part of it all. All he wanted to do was run and play.

I caught a glimpse of Kolton peeking at his brothers one time, closing his eyes and giving me the biggest cheeser ever. It was hilarious!

We quickly ran out of sunshine, but still got a last few sweet shots with some background lighting around the boys.

Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Last spring my oldest daughter turned 9. One of the things she had on her wish list was a kitten and who in their right mind can ignore that??! Well, I guess it helps that I love cats. I explained to her that yes, she would get a kitten for her birthday, but not until we got back from our Norway trip later that summer…and that her brother and sister would get one as well. I figured her kitten would need someone to play with and it wouldn’t be fair to get just one.

The kids got to pick out their kittens later that summer and they get all the attention a cat needs…and then some.

I happened to come across some pictures of the kittens from last summer a few days or weeks after they arrived at our house. I can’t believe how little they were. I’ll have to take some pictures of them now for comparison.


Miss Ada, a lady! She is by far the most independent one of the bunch. Her colors are beautiful and her fur is silky soft. She will scratch the dog if he gets too close.


Max is the most jittery one. Probably because he got his back legs stuck underneath a vehicle that was leaving and we didn’t think he would make it. He pulled through and the only “scarres” we can see is that he sits a little funny. He hates dogs with a passion but loves to snuggle the kids.


B-Cat is like a big lion. His purring sounds like a big motor! The kids all agree that he needs to be in the basement at night, otherwise he keeps them awake with his purring and the fact that he likes to snuggle right by your face.  : ) He will even snuggle the dog! Nothing fazes him.

I will admit some days the cats are a pain in the ass. They will jump on the counter, eat your cereal, drink out of the toilet (if the lid is up), scratch my upholstered chairs, stink up the room their litterbox is in, if scared to death by the dog…miss the litterbox, tip over my plants…For the most part thought, they are so much fun to have around. I can see how much the kids love them as well. My son will pick up his kitten, B-Cat, and dance around the house. Ada gets dressed up in doll clothes. Max gets to ride in the doll stroller. Who can resist all that? Everyone should have a cat!  : )

Right after Christmas I was so fortunate to be able to go home to Elli’s house to capture a few moments with her. A couple of years ago I also photographed Bryce. He is so grown up now. Amazing! Here are some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!

Here with big brother Bryce. What a cutie! Bryce was a great poser. Elli was a typical one year old, always on the go.  : )

Just love this antique look.

Elli…and her nappie.

Sweet kisses from big brother. 

Looking for the dogs outside.

Nothing like the feeling of a wet and cold window. Mom’s all love the sticky mess it makes!

Playing around the coffee table. Elli walks around the table with to problem.

Check out the bottom two teeth.

Changing clothes.

Story time. Both kids sat like angels listening to Mom read.

Jumping around in her crib. Angie is a great decorator. Her room is so fun with spring like colors.

A cozy quiet moment. The nice thing about the thumb is that it never gets lost.

Snuggle time…

Peeking through the sides of the bed. Love the toes! Have a good nap.

The last play of the year: A Christmas Carol. Once again I drove to Lanesboro to do a production shoot for the Commonweal Theatre. It is always a pleasure to see the actors do their work. They never fail to amaze me! 

My whole family were supposed to join me, but some last minute issues came up and I went alone. As I entered the theatre I ran into my husband’s cousin, her husband and their kids. For this production they had set up the stage to be in the center with seating all around.  We purposely sat on the stage side and had a terrific view. I am sure all the sides were just as great though. I noticed very quickly that the challenge with this shoot would be the overall darkness and absolutely no backdrops. I think it turned out very well.

The play also featured two very young actors who played their parts extremely well. Actually, I was told that there are five kids that take turns playing the two parts. What a joy to watch!

Enjoy some of the shots!


















The first time I took pictures of her she was only a baby. I had the pleasure of photographing Anna again last week. At first she was a little shy, but after going outside and meeting the kittens we had a fun time! Check out this little girl in action. So sweet!

This time it was a play I hadn’t seen before I shot, but I read a synopsis before and that was very helpful. The actors are so good at what they do and put a lot of effort into every scene. What a fun place! Here are some of the shots.

We’re down at the dock, the kids are playing around. Theodor asks me to take a picture of him jumping. Sure, let’s see it. Then! Hey, is my little angel is up to a dirty trick? Sure enough. Jakob puts the little crab he just found in his cousins hair. Here’s how it went down.

Watch Theodor jump high.

Watch sneaky cousin Jakob put a little crab in Theodor’s hair.

Watch Jakob walk away like nothing happened. 

Watch Jakob play innocent. Not very convincing my dear son. Poor Theodor is left with a little crab tangled in his hear. 

Watch Jakob run back to help his poor cousin.

Watch Jakob pretend he’s looking for the crab in Theodor’s hair.

Watch Theodor doubtful when Jakob says: “I don’t know how that crab landed in your hair???”

Watch Theodor bravely get ready for another jump. That darn cousin!!!

Watch Theodor have fun jumping off the dock. I’m sure payback will come to Jakob soon enough.

Here are some of my shots from the production of Peer Gynt at the Commonweal Theatre Company. The people at that theatre are fun and very professional to work with. I shot five productions for them last year and was hired back again this year. Check out some of last years productions on my site. Go to “gallery” and click on “commercial”. 

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