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Just came across these images that I took a few years ago. It was before my blogging days, but I think they turned out so fun that I want to share them.

The location is Lake City. Boy did we have fun!

I have to admit I was actually a little scared when we were shooting on this old train. A looooong freight train came through, we were in the middle of a bunch of tracks and stayed there. The train blew the whistle, the ground shook and it was very uncomfortable being just one track away from such a massive machine. Needless to say, everything went well, but we were all just a little shaken afterward. However…would I do it again…most definitely!!!

Check out the images of this sweet girl! Enjoy

Love, love, love shooting seniors!!! I met Troy and his mom close to town where I had our first round of shots planned. They thought I meant something else, plus they had found this awesome old trailer full of stuff as well as all these old trucks and junk. Needless to say…my original plan changed. Gotta love old junk!

The weather was absolutely amazing and a slight overcast for most of the shots made this just sweet!

We jazzed up some of the shots with Troy’s guitar and later his skateboard. Love it when the images have a personal touch to show what the person is all about. Super cool!

Our time flew by fast, but I think we captured some fun images. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Right before Christmas I had the pleasure of meeting Marie and her family. Marie is originally from Sweden and came over to live in the US at about the same age as me. What’s more amazing, we both live in the same town!

When I got to Marie’s house, her kids and their families were there. What a fun bunch of people! Nine, plus one auntie.

Here are some of the images from that day. I have to start with the funniest one of them all. Sam was THE poser of the day. He had endless styles and was a great help while I adjusted for lighting.  : )


This one is just hilarious! 


What a beautiful family!


Sam with little sister Lilly.


Claudia Mattias and baby Noah!


Beaming Tilly!


Mamma Marie. 


A proud grandmother.


Amanda, Bryan, Sam and Lilly. Lilly was both a sweet and a tough cookie! Actually, she was eating cookies. She was done posing, so we did the best we could.


A, not so Christmasy, group shot.


Amanda & Bryan. The kids got a break.


After all the group shots I did individual portraits by the kitchen window, available lighting only. The light was really going fast, but I think I got some sweet shots of the whole family. Here’s Marie.






A sweet smile from Baby Noah.


Aunt Claudia











What a fun shoot! First we did some traditional shots inside. Then we walked the back streets of Spring Grove and had some fun. Thanks for helping Jody!

What struck me the most about Zach was how happy his eyes looked. Easy going and agreed to everything I suggested. A great guy, inside and out! Here are some of my favorite shots.


It was great to finally see my sister and her family again. I’ll be adding some more shots, but had to take one for her facebook profile. Here she is.


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