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Well, I thought I would get the kids together and try to do a nice posed shot. Forget it! As usual they would not do that. I figured since I had my lights out anyways why not do something silly. As soon as I asked them to jump for me, they were all agreeable and ready to…well, jump. It turned out to be fun. Here are a few of the shots. I intentionally left a limb, or face out of the frame to see the effect. Very interesting I’m thinking! I like it a lot. Let me know what your think?

Jakob would not let go of his new ball. : )

Check it out…

Can you do this?

Here I come!

Ready Mamma?

Maria in action.

Happy jumps…

Cool jump…

Livin’ it up!

Too fast…Supergirl : )

X marks the spot…

Cheers for the lions!

The thinker?!

Okay! I guess we’re done.

Almost what Munch’s “scream” looks like : )

There’s my sweet Stine.

Here’s Stine doing what she loves to do. Supereader!


My model-girl!

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