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Back in February my daughters and two of their best friends…and a couple of monkeys…performed at a Talent Show here in Spring Grove. Well…their act was so sweet that they were invited to perform at the Caledonia Variety Show yesterday. Of course that was no problem at all. The kids were all excited for another performance. They are actually already thinking about what to do for next year. Love the enthusiasm!

The kids performed Swingin’ on a Star by Johnny Mercer & Jimmy Van Heusen. Accompanied by Sandy Hanson.
The Variety Show was great with wonderful local and not quite so local talents.
Here are some images from last night.

Here is a link to more images.

My sister’s baby came early and my baby came late, as all three of my kids did. Instead of being two months apart, our boys are one month and one day apart. I should really dig out a shot from their first birthday, they were so cute…with a cherry on top! Matching green shirts with a frog and a party hat…it was quite a sight!

Well, today is Theodor’s birthday…six years old…wow! What happened? These boys are now scootering, riding motorcycles, diving, doing flips on the trampoline and know how to run ANY Wii or Playstation game. I am actually okay with it though. What I have enjoyed with all my kids are the different stages they go through…and at the end of the day they all still love to snuggle. Mmmm…enjoying it while I can!

After the kids came home from their summer activities, basketball and cupcake decorating (posting stuff later), we got on the computer to Skype Theodor and sing him the “Happy Birthday” song. Luckily they were all home and our kids had a fun time visiting via Skype. He had just received the letter we sent last week with cards from each of our kids, and one from Stine’s friend Grace, plus a bunch of Diego band-aids.

Here is a cute shot of my oldest daughter visiting with Theodor, his baby sister and my sister. Plus a cute curious friend in the background. Thanks to Skype we get to see and speak to my family at the same time, for FREE. Lovin it!


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