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Uff da! An expression I actually never used, until I moved to Spring Grove MN. This small community of primarily Norwegian background have a love for this expression…that obviously has rubbed off on me.

It has been waaaaay too long since my last post. Kids being sick, myself being sick…and of course…Christmas in all of this made for a busy busy time. I didn’t even get my Christmas cookies baked until last weekend! It really doesn’t matter though…Christmas cookies…especially my grandmother Nelly’s gingerbread cookie recipe…is worth baking…any time. I actually have to bake some more, because I gave most of them away to the kids’ teachers. 15! boxes in all with gingerbread cookies, plain white cookies and burned almonds. The kids had a blast decorating the white ones and dipping them in colored sugar. I happened to find Christmas “take-out” boxes at Target. They were of perfect size!

So…I have a little catching up to do with my blogging. I decided to take a couple of images today and then backtrack later. I have shoots and cards to blog yet…but today…I will make it short and sweet (good luck! ha ha…) and post a shot of my oldest daughters’ old sealskin slippers. She wore them when she was about two. You can tell she wore them a lot by the worn off hair on the front of the slippers. The other thing I have really enjoyed is a pot with Paperwhite bulbs I planted the day before Christmas Eve. They are just about ready to bloom and I have enjoyed looking at their steady growth every day. I have also decided I will be buying more bulbs to plant inside. It is such a refreshing sight with plants blooming in the middle of winter.

If you look closely, you will also notice that I am in the process of changing…no, that should be CORRECTING, the spelling of my name on my blog. In the beginning I used Katrina so that everyone would pronounce it correctly. Since then I’ve really regretted that, because there is about a trillion bajillion (my son’s way of counting BIG) ways of butchering a name. I actually really like the way it was given to me and will be working on updating all my logos on all my materials.

I could go on and on now that I actually have a minute or so to blog, but I have kids coming off the bus in half an hour and I have to shop for homemade pizza for them and some friends, plus make a ton of hot chocolate. They are all coming to go sliding on Myrah Mountain after school. It is cold out there, but we dress for it and make the most of it.

Here are some of my favorite things. Enjoy!

Today we had a beautiful day! We went sliding and had some fun. By the time I thought of bringing my camera out it was getting late, but I got off some snow shots.

Here is my little guy taking me to his enchanted forest. : )


Our sliding hill.


Nice legs!


Oak tree silhouette.


More silhouettes…


My five favorite corn bins.


The snow looks like dreamy fluffy clouds.


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