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These small books are so awesome!

I have one with my own kids in my purse. The covers stick together with a magical magnetic force. LOVE the stylish brown leather cover. It is pretty awesome!

I made these two minibooks a while back, but I just wanted to show off how the clean design makes these so special. People that see these are ALWAYS impressed!

First up…Libby, Gabe & Pauly. Enjoy!

Next…sweet Fletcher. Enjoy!

Last weekend these sweet girls came out to my house and we did a bunch of fun shots. The weather was awesome…with a small exception of all the bugs that came out as we went down in the valley.

The girls had lots of different outfits and we had a great time. I think these turned out really cool!

Check out some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Just got this back yesterday…and…I LOVE IT! It does help A LOT that Kaley looks sassy, classy and FABULOUS!

It is a 16×20 Gallery Wrap with a metallic finish…and…I’ll say it just one more time…IT LOOKS REALLY AWESOME! : )

I have a passion for working images into art-pieces. Can’t get enough. I’ll add more work later.

Original image

A piece of art for Kaley’s wall

It even matches the colors in my house. Sweet! I might have to keep this one…

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