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Right after Christmas I was so fortunate to be able to go home to Elli’s house to capture a few moments with her. A couple of years ago I also photographed Bryce. He is so grown up now. Amazing! Here are some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!

Here with big brother Bryce. What a cutie! Bryce was a great poser. Elli was a typical one year old, always on the go.  : )

Just love this antique look.

Elli…and her nappie.

Sweet kisses from big brother. 

Looking for the dogs outside.

Nothing like the feeling of a wet and cold window. Mom’s all love the sticky mess it makes!

Playing around the coffee table. Elli walks around the table with to problem.

Check out the bottom two teeth.

Changing clothes.

Story time. Both kids sat like angels listening to Mom read.

Jumping around in her crib. Angie is a great decorator. Her room is so fun with spring like colors.

A cozy quiet moment. The nice thing about the thumb is that it never gets lost.

Snuggle time…

Peeking through the sides of the bed. Love the toes! Have a good nap.

The first time I took pictures of her she was only a baby. I had the pleasure of photographing Anna again last week. At first she was a little shy, but after going outside and meeting the kittens we had a fun time! Check out this little girl in action. So sweet!

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