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…for my sister`s wedding.

The kids and I flew to Iceland, then Oslo and finally Bergen. It was a long trip and we were so tired that we slept 12 hours last night. It sure is a small world!

On our first flight we sat next to two ladies that were going to tour Norway. One of the ladies was from Decorah, only 25 minutes south of Spring Grove. On our flight from Iceland to Oslo, we sat next to a guy from Rochester.

My dad`s farm is south of Bergen. A small island called Halsnøy. At the moment it is cool and raining. It really doesn’t matter, because we have been taking it piano all day.

June 28th, my sister will be married at a local church, with a reception following at the farm. My dad has been busy getting things ready and I expect the next two weeks will be full of work getting everything ready. Please cross your fingers for my sister, we need nice weather.

I will try to post some pictures while I’m here. For now, ha det godt!

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