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Beautiful, colorful and fun! Cloudy…then absolutely beautiful…then…during the ceremony…it must have rained hippopotamuses and elephants…it was crazy! It was a beautiful wedding and a lot of beautiful people. Congratulations guys!

I started my day at the grooms house…a slightly jittery groom getting ready…then all smiles! Jeremiah just beamed all day.

Brandi had a slightly untraditional dress…in the sense that it was kind of a champagne color. Was it ever beautiful! Next to the fall-orange bridesmaids dresses the colors were really awesome! Fun factor…had to be the flowers! Loved the bold, but simple statement with the sun flowers. Of course Brandi had a really beautiful bouquet of red roses with pearls.

One of the bridesmaids had gotten a hold of a clear umbrella because of the rain and was hoping we could get a shot of them kissing. Mmmmmm…Thank you! Love it when other people have thoughts about the couple and what might be a cute idea for a shot.

Here are some of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!


The girls and I have talked about this for a while. They always look through the different ads I tear out of magazines for ideas. After my sisters wedding I though it might be fun to do something crazy before we bring the dresses to the dry-cleaners.

I know I should be working on my sisters images from her wedding, but I couldn’t resist looking at the shots we did last night.

Aw…my little girls! Jikes! The sun was setting, I looked outside, and shouted to the kids that if they wanted to do our fashion shoot, now would be a good time…but to hurry up…it was getting late (almost 8pm)…and the sun was setting quickly. The girls were more than game and did we ever have fun. They loved putting on their flowergirl dresses, a little make-up, lipstick and loads of jewelry. Maria insisted on bringing my lime-green umbrella and Stine absolutely had to wear a hat. So they know what they like – Nothing wrong with that! We’ll have to do our next one earlier though. Too bad Jakob wanted to go frog-hunting instead. : ) I could have had our Christmas card in the box. Oh well! Here are a few…

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