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Late last fall this wonderful couple took me to the Science Building at Luther College for their engagement session. The building was just amazing! We had a fun time rearranging furniture and quietly walking through the library. Thanks for such a great place for your session!

Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Boys…boys…boys… Sweet boys!

Earlier this winter…on a cold winter’s day…these boys came to my house, warmed up by the fire…and then we sent them outside. Thanks for braving the chilly temperature guys!!!

We were really lucky with the pictures, because we really didn’t have many snow days this winter. They happened to come right after some nice snowfall…and…voilà…sweetness meet white!

Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!


In the middle of winter…a little sign of spring shows up in our house…TULIPANER!

I will never claim to have a green thumb…both my grandmothers have at least two each!!! At my house…if they survive…I’m doing something right…if not…well…it wasn’t the right kind of plant for me!

In October or November…my mind can’t remember that far back…I planted a bunch of bulbs. I would look and look and look for buds, but nothing…for the longest time. Then during Christmas sometime they finally showed up! They have been millimetering up (NO inching here!) out of the pot. I’m sure the quality of dirt isn’t the best…as well as many other things, but HEY!!!…they’re growing!!! Jippi! It is a miracle every time a flower buds out. I finally have ONE that’s been showing us the miraculous wonders of the plant world.

As much as I am enjoying winter, now that we finally have some snow, I am excited already about spring…my very favorite time of year…that is just a few months away! I hope this brings you a little joy as well!

Last winter I went to meet with a client. On my way there I stopped a few places to take some pictures and also on the way back. Some of you may remember my Raccoon shot. Here are some other things I saw that day. Enjoy!


A bridge in rural Spring Grove.


I love the lines…


…the weathered look…


…the simple shapes…


…the rust…and everything about that bridge!


The snow looks so pure and clean.


How long will this shed weather nature and it’s forces?






Interesting shapes…





Today we had a beautiful day! We went sliding and had some fun. By the time I thought of bringing my camera out it was getting late, but I got off some snow shots.

Here is my little guy taking me to his enchanted forest. : )


Our sliding hill.


Nice legs!


Oak tree silhouette.


More silhouettes…


My five favorite corn bins.


The snow looks like dreamy fluffy clouds.


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