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This past summer I had to take some shots in my Dad’s workshop in his barn. It used to house beef cows and I have many memories of sticky/sandpapery loooong tongues and calves that would “inhale” their milk. Well, it sure looks and smells much different now! For many years my Dad did the fine jewelry engraving and bigger things in the house. Yes! He can actually write your name INSIDE a ring…in CURSIVE! He is a very talented man with a preference for perfection. He likes to do the job right, the first time. Next time I visit I will make sure I photograph some of his work. Woodworking, clay modeling, plaster modeling, engraving…you name it. Here are some shots from his workshop. This type of photography is probably some of my favorite kind of work. Hopefully I can find a client that has a need for something like this. : )

Some examples of my Dad’s amazing talent.

One more

This is my Dad – Tore

By accident I managed to delete this post and the comments that were made. So this is a re-write.

I just returned from a workshop in Altamonte Springs, Florida. The K2 workshop was amazing. Kevin Keelan shared generously with his time and talent. I know what I learned will make a huge difference in my work. The other photographers that attended were a lot of fun and I feel that I made some great friends. Thanks Kim & Randy, Erin, BJ, Christine, Julie, Cindy, Mary Ann (she actually speaks Norwegian!), Lance, Jason, Robert, Daniela, Gabriel & Mike. The models were great, Sarah & Scott. Thanks for the great sushi Phil!

Here are some of my favorite images. Feel free to critique. Slideshow

Mike and Kevin, our instructor.



Some of the comments that got deleted:

wow! where in florida were thse pictures taken? the background is SO beautiful!!!

Hi Giselle! We went to Maitland Art Center for some shooting.

URL    :
Hey Katrina! Love your blog! You got some great shots from the workshop!

URL    :
Great shots Katrina!!!  Randy and I had an awesome time spending time with you and the others.  I learned so much my head is still spinning.  Thanks for the great and memorable time!  Kim and Randy


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